Update for keyworkers 27th May

Childcare provision from 8th June

The government has asked schools to continue to prioritise the provision for key workers. We will continue to provide this service, from 9am – 3pm, five days a week. Key worker parents will be given a choice whether to send their child back to school with their year group or to keep them in the key worker provision. Children will not be able to move between these groups.

It is possible, dependent on numbers, that the provision for children returning to Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 will not be full time. By registering a child who attends Reception, Year 1 or Year 6, for the key worker provision you are agreeing that they will be placed within this provision and not with their returning year group. This key worker provision will continue to be full time.

Please register by using this form: Request for Childcare Provision 8th June - 15th June.

Summary of home learning help

What is on our website and where you will find it

Here’s a guide to the information we have put together at Saltford School to help guide families through the mass of resources and information that is available.

    1. Online learning platforms Seesaw and Tapestry
      Seesaw for Years 1 – 6: this is where the core essential tasks will be posted each day by your child’s class teacher. This is the main platform for home-school learning. Reception teachers and families are using Tapestry.

    2. The Home Assisted Learning page on the school website contains a summary of links to all the other resources such as Seesaw, important daily activities such as Doodle Maths, and class and curriculum pages on our website. It also features
      • activities and resources made available for learning at home that are recommended by our teaching staff. These are divided by subject area
      • Special projects and competitions such as Mrs Sage's projects and the WMAT's competitions
      • Specific information for SEN pupils
      • A link to assembly material
      • Links to class and curriculum pages

    3. Class pages contain the term's letter from your class teacher. For Years 1 - 6 each class page also gives a link to a home learning grid that will be updated weekly to help structure the week's learning, and a link to a topic activity grid for term 5. These will be referenced in the work set through Seesaw. EYFS classes will be uploading home learning projects and other useful links and sharing work through Tapestry.

    4. The Assemblies page is designed to provide stories and activities that would have been shared and enjoyed during assembly time at school.

    5. Curriculum pages give recommended links for the subject area, suitable for all key stages, and an overview of the subject and how it is taught. Each subject leader has added a ‘Resources to use at home’ section in response to the current Covid-19 situation.

Please remember that we love to see what you’ve been doing at home so please keep emailing us at

Essential worker childcare provision

Registration and information

Saltford Primary School is being used as a site for local key workers' children. If you are a key worker and would like to register your child to come into school, please use the online forms below:

Request for Childcare Provision Monday 8th June - Friday15th June.

Request for Childcare Provision: Monday 1st June - Friday 5th June to be completed by Tuesday 26th May.

Request for half term childcare provision for Monday 25th May - Friday 29th May to be completed by Tuesday 19th May.

Request for Childcare Provision: Monday 18th May - Friday 22nd May to be completed by Wednesday 13th May.

If you are a key worker and you have any enquiries regarding schooling of your child/ren, please contact the Wellsway MAT by emailing Please see the key worker list for further information on those parents/carers who are eligible to access our childcare provision.

Saltford School key workers' children: Seesaw has been introduced to help children who are learning at home through the Coronavirus restrictions. Children who are still coming to school should bring their Seesaw login details with them. We understand that the situation is different for those key workers' children, so please see the advice here on school expectations with regard to work set on Seesaw.

Key workers with children still coming to school must please also ensure that any child who has, or develops, a new cough or a temperature, must not attend school. This is essential. As we work to keep our schools serving our communities, we do need the support and co-operation of families to ensure that children remaining in a school setting are not exposed to those with symptoms.

If you or your child feel ill and you want to know what to do next, please check the information on our website here for all the latest links

Please note the message from the government that ‘children who can stay at home, should stay at home’.

Sustainable travel for Saltford

B&NES leader impressed by our progress

On Wednesday 29th April, Mr Boyle was invited, on behalf of Saltford School, to talk about the work we have been doing on sustainable travel and to showcase the work of our fantastic Green Team.

The local council’s Sustainability Team wanted to give Will Godfrey, the new Chief Executive of Bath and North East Somerset Council, a ‘tour’ of the work going on in B&NES and to hear about some of the work happening to tackle the Climate Emergency. In the presentation, Mr Boyle explained the exciting events and ongoing activities our wonderful children and staff are doing at school to protect the environment and preserve our beautiful world for generations to come.

The chief executive, Will Godfrey, and the council members were hugely impressed by the fantastic work happening at Saltford School and thanked the children and staff for their amazing efforts. It was remarked that it sends out a hugely positive message.

A huge well done to all the wonderful children and staff of Saltford School for an amazing team effort. You can read Mr Boyle's full report here to see how all the activities we do at school add up to making a real difference to our environment.


Introducing Seesaw for home learning

What is Seesaw?

We are very pleased to introduce Seesaw as an important tool for us to provide education for our children during these times of uncertainty.

Seesaw is a secure online learning environment for children that provides a platform for communication between children, parents and school. It supports creative learning by enabling use of photos, videos, drawing and notes.

All families will have received an introductory letter that outlines what teachers and parents can expect from this new platform, how to get started and how any privacy and safeguarding concerns are covered.

How does it work?

When you first activate your account you will find a short video from your child's class teacher saying hello and welcoming you to Seesaw.

From Monday 4th May, three tasks will be uploaded at 7am on every school day onto your child's seesaw page. These will be an English task, a Maths task and a topic task. Please complete these tasks when you can and submit them to your teacher. They will respond to your work with a like or a comment within school hours.

Seesaw tasks will also include newsletter challenges, Mrs Sage's special project and refer to the topic grid you were sent at the beginning of the term and that you can find on your child's class page.

We will suggest ways to respond but if you work in a different way, please do submit your work in this format. We appreciate not everyone will have access to/want to work on devices all the time.

Don't forget that, in addition, we still have paid subscriptions to Doodle Maths and English and TTRockstars and Numbots which are excellent resources to keep your learning going.

Help for parents

You can see an introductory guide for parents here and watch the video that Miss Davis has made to help parents through using Seesaw for the first time:

The Queen's birthday
The Queen's birthday

Community celebration on Saturday 13th June

The Saltford Community Association, we would like to encourage you to join in a 'stay at home street party' in your front garden. We hope you can decorate your houses in red, white and blue - perhaps even decorate yourselves as well, and enjoy the day. Please remember to enjoy socialising safely, observing social distancing recommendations.

The Community Association will be distributing an afternoon tea consisting of scones, jam, cream and sandwiches to anyone in the village 75+ who would like one. They will be delivered shortly before the Street Party start time of 3pm.

We do hope that you enjoy a lovely, safe, family day.  We are looking forward to seeing the photos if you could email them to us at

See what I see

What do you miss most?

The Bath Spa University School of Education and the Royal Fine Art Commission Trust (RFACT) have joined together to launch a new competition, to help children feel more connected to the outside world, as we continue our time indoors.

The competition, called See What I See, asks children aged five to 16 to consider what they miss most about their built environment, how it might be redesigned to bring people together and which place or building they’ll visit first once coronavirus restrictions have been lifted.

The deadline for submissions is Saturday 30th May. Entries will be judged by an esteemed panel comprising Professor Anagnostopoulou, Head of the School of Education and Professor of Higher Education at Bath Spa University, along with design critic Stephen Bayley, architect Sir Terry Farrell CBE, and award-winning exhibition designer Dinah Casson CBE. Winning entries will be showcased in an online gallery.

Community values

Helping and caring

When we are at school we have lots of opportunities in assemblies, in RE lessons and at other special times to think about really important issues. As members of a Church of England school, we believe it is good to reflect on Christian teaching, e.g. through Bible stories, and to think about how this helps us and other people live our lives.

In this very difficult and challenging time for all of us, let us take some time to think about our communities. There are so many people doing extra, special things to help others at the moment. Maybe you and your family have been helping elderly or needy people who live near you with shopping or just giving them a call to make sure they are okay.

Please have a look at this sheet, which is about Jesus's teaching about community. Read the Bible story about how he fed a huge group of people - maybe you could think of a prayer to thank God for all the people who are working on farms, as van drivers or in shops to make sure we get our food. Could you do some art based on the theme of five barley loaves and two fishes? If you do, please send it to us by the home learning e-mail It would be good to share!

School meals during Coronavirus restrictions

Free school meals provision

At this time when most children are not in school due to Coronavirus restrictions, the government has asked schools to concentrate their effort and resources on those who are normally eligible for benefits-related free school meals.

All Saltford School families who are entitled to benefits-related free school meals have been contacted individually and will be receiving supermarket vouchers in line with government provision.

We will not be continuing to provide universal infant free school meals to pupils in Reception, Year 1, or Year 2 who are currently not attending school, in line with government requirements.

For those children of key workers who are still attending school, normal term-time procedures apply.

Free school meals eligibility

We are very aware that many families may well be experiencing many additional pressures whilst we find ourselves in this pandemic and some families may now find that they are eligible for free school meals as the government have extended some of their eligibility criteria. Below are links which will give you further information to help you understand whether you may be eligible to seek this extended support during the pandemic and how to go about this:

Government information:

B.& N.E.S Local Authority information:

Link to download the form needed to be completed Free School Meals Registration form and e-mail this back to  We don’t think anyone in our community should have to face going hungry. That’s why we provide three days’ nutritionally balanced emergency food and support to local people who are referred to us in crisis. We are part of a nationwide network of foodbanks, supported by The Trussell Trust, working to combat poverty and hunger across the UK.

If you need help, please contact either the food bank or email the school on


Saltford School news

We have been instructed to close the school to most children after Friday 20th March 2020 until further notice.

Please note that this is a national closure so we are not alone in this challenging situation. We will re-open fully as soon as we can and will let you know when this is by e-mail and text.

We need to do all we can to provide support for the children of key workers (please see the list below) and children with an educational health care plan or social worker.

Schooling for children of key workers

Saltford Primary School is being used as the site for local key workers' children. The WMAT primary team will be working from Saltford School on a rota basis. Please see the school closure letter from Mrs Sage here. Please be assured that we are following all Public Health England (PHE) guidance with regard to this virus. Our children have also been reminded about hand washing and hygiene.

Please see our news item for key workers for details on how to apply for a place and what to do if your child is unwell.

Please note the message from the government that ‘children who can stay at home, should stay at home’.

School dinners

Please see our news item here for details of provision of free school meals during the coronavirus shutdown.


Access to school nursing service

The school nursing service would like to let you know that they are still here to offer support during school closures or isolation. There are duty school nurses available at the end of the phone Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm should you require any support with your school age child. This is available permanently for all parents to access for advice and support.

If you would like this support please call one of the nurses on the numbers below. If possible, please avoid 12 - 2pm in order to keep lines free for young people:

Bath area: 01225 831666

Norton Radstock area: 01761 408111

Please see our School notices page here and look for the Health; school nurse and illness section for full details of support for parents and children of all ages.

Bereavement support

Coronavirus (Covid 19) bereavement support for children, young people and families

Useful links

Health and absence information for Saltford School

Help to continue your child's education at home

Community news about Saltford and the Coronavirus outbreak

PTA facebook group

Further information

Saltford School closure letter amended 21st March

Saltford School closure letter 20th March

WMAT letter to parents and carers 19th March

WMAT letter to parents and carers 16th March

WMAT letter to parents and carers 13th March

WMAT letter to parents and carers 9th March

WMAT letter to parents and carers 2nd March

We will continue to work closely with our health and safety advisers to monitor the situation regarding the coronavirus.  We will follow the guidance from Public Health England  and the Department of Health and Social Care. This guidance can be found here in full:

Celebrating Easter 2020
Celebrating Easter 2020

How we did it

Easter garden 2020This Easter we have had a real variety of activities going on, both in school and at home. It was lovely to see pictures of everyone and what they had been enjoying doing at the end of term and over the holiday.

In school we had Parrot Island holiday club for some children from Saltford and Keynsham schools alongside provision from Up & Under Sports. Home learning has been a lovely mix of Easter and a lot of DT projects such as making work stations, benches, electrical circuits and lots of cooking.

Here are a few photos to give you a flavour of what we were all involved in:Easter cookingEaster 2020DT at homeEaster modelling 2020

Saltford School staff were delighted with this special Easter treat from the children who contributed to a video rendition of one of our favourite Easter songs,  'Spring Chicken'.

Don't forget to keep sharing what you are doing at home by emailing us at You can see what others are up to on our Twitter page @SaltfordPrimary.

Covid-19 Community response

Community hub to match volunteers and those in need of help

Saltford Community Association (SCA), the Parish Council (PC) and associated local organisations* quickly set up a support hub for Saltford residents who may be in need of help, to match them with offers of help from volunteers. This provides a single phone number and email address to contact if you need help in some way. Call 01225 632216.

As of the end of April, the hub can now offer help with

  • shopping
  • pharmacy collections
  • Post Office services
  • free hot meals
  • financial assistance
  • a friendly phone call or pastoral care
  • many other ways, as required.

An updated leaflet has been sent out to every household in Saltford at the end of April.  You can download the leaflet here. Keep it handy because it also provides a useful summary of the government's health advice on Covid-19, how to help your neighbours and a contact details and opening times of local facilities.

Keep an eye on the Community Association's Facebook page and website for updates as more help becomes available.

Volunteers – get involved

If you can help in any way, including from home if you are self-isolating, please fill in the volunteer form below and email it to the special Covid-19 email address, Many of the volunteers who usually run community activities may not be able to help in this situation so this really is your chance to get involved and make a difference.

Volunteer offer form PDF

Volunteer offer form MS Word

If you need help

If you need help, please call 01225 632216 or use the forms below to get in touch.

Help might include picking up shopping or urgent medical supplies, posting mail or arranging a friendly phone call or financial support.

Help request form PDF

Help request form MS Word

Please email forms to

Beware of Covid-19 scams

According to the Online Watch Link, fraudsters are exploiting the spread of COVID19 to facilitate various types of fraud. Please remember:

  • Watch out for scam messages. Don't click on links or attachments in suspicious emails
  • Never respond to unsolicited messages and calls that ask for your personal or financial details
  • Exercise the same caution that you normally would and don't allow anyone unfamiliar into your property, even if they are offering to help
  • To report a fraud or scam: / 0300 123 2040

Community news through Saltford School

Keep an eye on our Community notices page for more news and ideas for families.

Community representatives

*The key community representatives who are regularly liaising regarding Saltford’s response to the COVID-19 situation include representatives of Saltford Parish Council, Saltford Community Association, Saltford Primary School, St Mary’s Church, the Saltford Day Centre, Saltford Community Post Office and Library, Day Lewis Pharmacy, Saltford Food Bank, Clarkson’s Independent Funeral Directors as well as the B&NES Saltford Ward Councillors.

Saltford food bank

Supplies needed - please donate

Saltford Food Bank  nearest donation points are: Saltford Hall , just inside the the main door, open 24/7, the Rectory, and Tesco in Saltford is now also accepting donations. Waitrose and Tesco in Keynsham also have Food Bank donation bins.

They are also happy to accept financial donations via their website

Donations of non-perishable and longer life products are always required, including items on the following list:

  • Fruit juice
  • Tinned tomatoes
  • Tinned peas and carrots
  • Tinned rice pudding
  • Tinned potatoes
  • Beans with sausages
  • Rice
  • Sponge puddings
  • Coffee
  • Toilet rolls
  • Sugar
Gym winners
Gym winners

Congratulations to Reception and year 1 after-school club gymnasts who took part in the Kingswood schools competition on Sunday 15th March. All gymnasts won individual medals and came first in the team event winning a gold cup for  Saltford. The year 2s also did a great job and finished in 3rd place.

Mrs Cary says "well done everyone!"

Gymnastics win for Saltford School children

Book fair
Book fair

It's so easy to find some great books

We would like to recommend you take a look at the range of books available from the travelling book fair. The fair will no longer be visiting our school this term but all children will receive a leaflet in their book bags so that they can still have access to the same exciting titles and place their orders.

Travelling book fair at Saltford School

This is an exciting opportunity for children to stock up easily on their favourite titles or find some new ones and a great chance to promote a love of reading.

Do take a look at our online "reading room" for lots of books and games recommendations and tips for children and parents who want to get the most out of their reading.

Well-being breakfast
Well-being breakfast

Encouraging sustainable travel to school

As part of our 'Our World Matters' theme week, we wanted to encourage children (and parents) to come to school without a car, enjoying the benefits of walking, cycling and scooting to school. In return for choosing 'active travel', children in KS2 enjoyed a free healthy and nutritious breakfast.

Zest Catering jumped at the opportunity to be involved in this initiative and were keen to showcase how much fun a well-being breakfast could be. FareShare SW supported the event by providing surplus food and, supported by our own catering staff, we were able to provide tasty treats including, bagels, tea cakes, cereals, fresh fruit and fresh smoothies.

The children had an opportunity to dress up in fruit and vegetable costumes and learn about the benefits of eating a healthy breakfast. FareShare said they were very impressed with the children, their willingess to be involved in the session and to give their feedback on the breakfast.

We would like to to thank our own kitchen staff, Zest Catering - Claire Mansri in particular - and FareShare SW for making this such a memorable event. We plan to run a similar opportunity for KS1 later in the year.

FareShare South West, based in Bristol, was set up in late 2007 to work with community groups in and around Bristol city. They currently support over 170 organisations including, hostels, day centres, lunch clubs, young peoples projects and Zest's breakfast clubs within 4 of the Wellsway Multi Academy Trust's schools.

Zest Catering won the award for 'self managed school caterer of the year' at the 2019 Educatering Excellence Awards.

Our world matters
Our world matters

How can we protect it?

During this special themed week, starting on Monday 9th March, the whole school will be involved in activities to help us think about how precious our world and natural resources are to us, and how we can look after them for the future.

Through a range of interesting and enjoyable activities, we'll be discussing recycling, climate change and fair trade among other things.

We will be considering our immediate environment and taking small steps that are within our control, such as coming to school without a car, enjoying the benefits of walking, cycling and scooting to school. In return for choosing 'active travel' on Wednesday 11th March, children in KS2 will enjoy a healthy and nutritious breakfast including homemade smoothies, and plenty of other goodies, along with fruit, juices and yogurts. All the details are in the well-being breakfast letter that has been sent to parents.

We would also like to encourage the children to ‘bling’ their bikes and scooters on the same Wednesday for the chance to win a prizes including a cycle helmet, back packs, cycle bells and hi-viz jackets. The only limit is your imagination.

With a focus on reducing waste, we are mounting a waste-free lunch challenge through the week. You can see full details and suggestions here.

We'll also be thinking about people living in different parts of the world and what role we have to play in being a global citizen. We hope to hear all about the work of Water Aid investigate different habitats and ecosystems from around the globe.

If you have any ideas for activities, or links for further information, we would be grateful if you would get in touch with us.

On Monday we had an Assembly from Wessex Water to highlight the important of water to our daily lives together with informing the children about what should and should not be flushed down the toilet and the consequences.


The swimming pool was also filled with plastic bottles to highlight the use of single use plastics and their effect on polluting the Oceans. The children were given an opportunity to visit the pool to reflect on this image and then given an opportunity to express their thoughts in writing.


On Wednesday we had an Active Travel breakfast where the children  in KS2 were encouraged to come to school without a car, enjoying the benefits of walking, cycling and scooting to school. In return for choosing 'active travel' children enjoyed a healthy and nutritious breakfast including homemade smoothies, and plenty of other goodies, along with fruit, juices and yogurts.

The children were also encouraged to ‘bling’ their bikes and scooters that day and were awarded prizes  for the best 'bling' including a cycle helmet, back packs, cycle bells and hi-viz jackets.

Well done to the winner Cam H in Class RJ whose bike represented the continents of the world to highlight the need to save endangered species with the beautiful snow leopard decorating his handle bars.  The runner up was Ella W in Class AB for her imaginative scooter decoration - unfortunately Ella was unable to collect her prize on the day but was represented by Olivia B in Class AB. 

All the children who enterred the competition were awarded a small prize.


On Thursday we had an Assembly lead by Ian Freemantle and Frances Eggbear from Saltford Fairtrade to promote fairtrade at school using educational materials from the fairtrade site.


On Friday Year 4 visited the Saltford Water Recycling Centre in Mead Lane. The children were given a tour of the works as well as carrying out an investigation activity whilst there.


Children will be writing a pledge of one thing tht they will try to do to help ‘our world’.


Mr Jenkins said, "The children across the school really took a great interest in all the interesting and enjoyable activities we discussed with them this week, including recycling, climate change and fair trade among other things. I would like to thank the parent volunteers who walked with us and helped the children at the Recycling Centre. Finally we would like to thank James Lovell and Gillian Smith from Wessex Water and Ian Freemantle and Frances Eggbear from Saltford Fairtrade for working with us on this themed week and for making it a very special experience for the children."

World Book Day 2020 at Saltford
World Book Day 2020 at Saltford

We love books and reading

We had a lovely time celebrating World Book Day by having a whole range of activities where we could share our enthusiasm for our favourite stories and characters.

Dress your potato competition

Children were asked to dress a potato as their favourite book character, human or otherwise. There were potatoes as far as the eye could see in the library and we were impressed with the creativity and enthusiasm shown by the entrants.

Line up of potato characters for World Book Day

There were prizes for the best dressed potatoes and the runners up in three categories: EYFS, Y1-3 and Y4-6. See the winners below and some of their entries.

World Book Day potato character competition World Book Day potato character competition World Book Day potato character competition World Book Day potato character competition World Book Day potato character competition

Book drive

We held a book drive where the children bring in one or two books they no longer want and donate them to school. The class teacher could then swap all the books around so that children end up with a new book to take home. We would like to thank everyone who brought in books to support this initiative.

'Reading to others' new display for our library

We asked the children e-mail or bring in photos of themselves reading to someone else. We could see from the pictures that everyone enjoyed having a story read to them; little sisters and brothers, grandparents, teddies and dogs!

Saltford pupils sharing a story Saltford pupils sharing a story Saltford pupils sharing a story Saltford pupils sharing a story Saltford pupils sharing a story

Story swap

We also held a class teacher ’story swap’ where children got to listen to a different teacher reading one of their favourite tales.

Free book token

To help spread the word about the pleasures of reading, every child in the UK will have received a free £1 World Book Token which can be redeemed at all participating bookshops. You can either use it towards a book you were planning to buy, or swap it for one of the books on this list:

We hope you enjoy sharing a new book during this special week. Check out the World Book Day website for lots of tips and ideas.

Cheerleading trophy
Cheerleading trophy

Well done Emma and Ellie

We are very proud of Emma in year 3 and Ellie in year 2 who came 2nd in their cheer competition on Saturday. Competition was stiff so well done to you both for your training and your performance.

Both girls are part of the 'Flames' team from Bristol club Phoenix. On the day the team conquered any nerves and delivered a routine full of jumps and stunts, including the difficult front walkover.

When they got the scores, they saw they had 'hit zero' which means that every stunt was flawless. They were very excited to receive the trophy for the team and individual medals to keep.

Emma and Ellie's success at cheerleading competition

Pancake race 2020

Flipping fun at Saltford School

Served up with a drop of rain and plenty of enthusiasm, this year's pancake race did not disappoint. We always enjoy our annual pancake races and this year KS1 and KS2 were definitely up for the challenge.

Here are some photos to show how the races went:

Pancake races at Saltford School Pancake races at Saltford School Pancake races at Saltford School Pancake races at Saltford School Pancake races at Saltford School Pancake races at Saltford School Pancake races at Saltford School Pancake races at Saltford School Pancake races at Saltford School Pancake races at Saltford School Pancake races at Saltford School Pancake races at Saltford School Pancake races at Saltford School Pancake races at Saltford School Pancake races at Saltford School

Aimee the author
Aimee the author

Well done Aimee

Mrs Sage was very impressed when 6 year-old Aimee brought in a book she'd written. This was certainly deserving of a Head Teacher's award.

Aimee clearly took an enormous amount of care and pride in writing and illustrating her story. She was inspired by the BBC's 500 words competition. Her parents had it printed into a book to treasure.

Here's Aimee with her book and Head Teacher's award. Congratulations on your first edition.

Author and book

Other aspiring authors might be interested to know that we will be offering a book writing club after school. This would be of interest to children who love reading, writing, doodling, making up and telling stories. Please see the Peahen website for further information

A Day at the Zoo

Our Reception Classes visited Bristol Zoo

The Bumble Bees and Butterflies had a fantastic day at Bristol Zoo on Wednesday. As well as seeing the penguins and seals they also had a very informative lesson all about animals that live in polar regions. 

The children were very enthusiastic and represented our school brilliantly.

Thank you to Miss Donovan for organising this visit and to all the parents and staff who came along to support the visit.


Egypt in Saltford
Egypt in Saltford

Mr Egypt comes to visit

On Tuesday Lower KS2 were lucky enough to round off this term’s history work with a visit from ‘Mr. Egypt’ (Egyptologist Phil Harris)

The childen learnt all about daily life for Ancient Egyptian children, food and beliefs, clothing, dancing, play and games.  Mr Egypt also set the children challenges with hieroglyphics and Egyptian numbers. The day culminated in sharing some genuine artefacts and a mummy wrapping teamwork exercise. The children explored what actually took place and what the Egyptians believed happened to them in the afterlife.  We were all amazed by his knowledge and enthusiasm and many children reported that they were inspired to become Egyptologists themselves!

Many thanks to Mrs. Newark for organising this visit and to the LKS2 staff who suported on the day.





Paws for thought
Paws for thought

We've been learning about endangered animals

As part of the wider theme of 'Our World Matters' we have all been using art to help understand the plight of endangered animals around the world.

We have been thinking about the wonder and beauty of our natural world and the need to protect it. What can we do to help?

Each class has been focussing on one species and children have painted or printed pictures for their display, using different techniques and materials including printing with polystyrene tiles and aboriginal pointillism. These superb individual artworks have made fantastic displays all around the school for everyone to enjoy. We can share some of them with you below:

Art about endangered animals Art about endangered animals Art about endangered animals Art about endangered animals Art about endangered animals Art about endangered animals Art about endangered animals Art about endangered animals Art about endangered animals Art about endangered animals Art about endangered animals Art about endangered animals

Digital Leaders help members of the community
Digital Leaders help members of the community

Saltford pupils share their computing skills

On Monday Miss Hansford took 5 Digital Leaders to Saltford Hall to help members of the local community with any problems they had with their i-pads, phones and laptops. 

Poppy and Ciaran from Class JG estimated there were about 10 people who needed help at the Hall.  Poppy said, “I helped a lady to upload a photograph as an attachment to an e-mail on her i-pad.  The lady was really pleased that I could help her and liked the end result.  The same lady asked me to show her how to create a folder within e-mail and then move some messages into this folder.  I enjoyed sharing my skills.”  

Ciaran said, “I was able to help a gentleman set up a new phone he had been given.  I explained about mobile data.  I also gave him some help with setting up his e-mail on his new phone and gave him help with wi-fi.” 

Sid's online book

Well done to Sid the author

Miss Jupp was very impressed when Sid in her class told her that he has written a book and published it online.

The book is about underwater life. Sid shared it with the class today. It's really good!

You can take a look too:

Sid is interested in animals on land, in the sky and in the water. If you enjoy reading his book, he suggests making a donation to a cause close to his heart, the Marine Conservation Society, via his JustGiving page here.

Oh yes they did!
Oh yes they did!

Key stage two are off to the panto

A huge cheer went up in the playground as Mr Baker's Dame appeared. KS2 children always greatly enjoy this visit to the theatre and everyone wearing fancy dress makes it a very special occasion. We feel that going to the panto with their school friends is a memorable experience and no two panto performances are ever the same!

This year's pantomime is ‘Beauty and The Beast’. The school links curriculum activities, such as writing play scripts in English, with this visit so there is also an element of learning with this fun New Year activity.

We thank Mr Baker and all the staff - including Mr "Pirate" Bowkett, Mrs "Cat in the Hat" Newark and "Sister" Saunders - who enter wholeheartedly into the spirit of things to make this such an enjoyable afternoon.

Here's how the children and staff brightened up this cloudy January day:

KS2 panto trip 2020 KS2 panto trip 2020 KS2 panto trip 2020 KS2 panto trip 2020 KS2 panto trip 2020 KS2 panto trip 2020 KS2 panto trip 2020 KS2 panto trip 2020

Supporting your child in 2020

Curriculum workshops for parents

Over the coming weeks, we are pleased to be able to offer parents of all year groups a valuable opportunity to come into school to work with staff on how best to support children's progress through the curriculum.

The aim of these workshops is to give parents insight into how children are taught in school and how they are assessed, including discussion of SATS testing. You will leave with a better understanding of how your child is being taught and with plenty of practical tips and advice on how you can support this learning at home. We think you might even enjoy yourselves!

Please see the links below for full information about each workshop and how to confirm your attendance. We do hope to see as many of you as possible, as we believe these are crucial stages of your child's school life.

Gift amnesty

and Christmas fair feedback request

Gift amnesty

If you have unwanted or unused gifts left over from Christmas, you can re-gift them to the PTA for one of the forthcoming events, fairs or raffles. Please leave your gifts in the PTA box that you'll find next to the school office. We’ll collect for a few weeks as people have a spring clean out and store them for future events this year. Thanks in advance for your donations.

Your feedback on the Christmas fair

In order to keep our events relevant and enjoyable, the PTA is looking for feedback about the Christmas fair. This is your chance to say what you think and help out the PTA with just a few minutes of your time. Please complete the short survey at

Thanks very much.

KS2 Christmas musical 2019
KS2 Christmas musical 2019

It's a jolly holiday

A highlight for children, parents and staff of the last week of term is the KS2 Christmas production. The standard of acting and singing always amazes audiences seeing the show for the first time.

Here are a few photos from this year's fabulous performance.

KS2 Christmas production at Saltford SchoolKS2 Christmas production at Saltford SchoolKS2 Christmas production at Saltford School KS2 Christmas production at Saltford SchoolKS2 Christmas production at Saltford SchoolKS2 Christmas production at Saltford School

Billy cracks ballet audition
Billy cracks ballet audition

The magic of Christmas with The Nutcracker

We are delighted to report that Billy from Y6 is performing in The Nutcracker with the Birmingham Royal Ballet  at the Royal Albert Hall throughout the Christmas period.

He did incredibly well to be selected from hundreds of applicants for this exciting opportunity.

He is attending rehearsals in Birmingham twice a week and we commend him for his dedication. Good luck on the stage!


Cycling wins
Cycling wins

Saltford sisters crowned club champions

We are very proud of Tessa and Elen, racing sisters from Saltford School, who were crowned club champions in the annual Sulis Scorpions youth cycling club presentation ceremony in December.

The girls, from Year 4 and Year 6, had to compete through multiple disciplines that included hill climb, time trial, circuit racing and cyclocross. Their wins are the culmination of a number of years of commitment to bike racing.

Well done to both of you; keep up the good work!

Cycling awards for Saltford sisters Cycling awards for Saltford sisters

The lighting of the Saltford Christmas tree
The lighting of the Saltford Christmas tree

Christmas in the community

On the evening of December 5th a choir made up of 90 of our Year Six, Year Five and Year 4 children performed at the ‘Lighting of the Christmas Tree’ concert at Saltford hall. One of our Year 1 children had been chosen to light the tree on behalf of the whole community and he performed this ceremony perfectly.

School and village choir at ChristmasThis year, our children especially enjoyed the joint performance with Saltford village choir, with 'Torches' sounding particularly rousing. Mr Baker's humorous rendition of Ogden Nash's 'The Boy Who Laughed at Santa Claus' was thoroughly enjoyed by the whole audience, as was the school choir's performance of 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer' dressed in full antlers.

Mrs Sage says 'thank you to everyone who came to support them; I hope you agree they were wonderful.'

This is always a special Christmas event in the village calendar. Thanks to Mr Baker and Sally Baker for accompanying the children and all the staff who supported the event. A big thank you to the children for all their hard work, which was rewarded by a tremendous performance."

Angel Express
Angel Express

'News, news, read all about it!'

As the newspaper 'Angel Express' brings news of a special baby about to be born, the choir of angels decides to work on a special song to celebrate the birth. They only have two weeks…

Audiences were laughing out loud as the unruly choir of angels initially struggled to hold a tune. However, with the birth of Jesus, everything fitted into place and the grand finale was a truly special and moving performance of 'Welcome to the World'. The audience was spellbound and the singing was beautiful.

Angel Express nativityTwo angels from year 2, Cora and Lois, said how much they had enjoyed being part of the production, especially pretending to be naughty angels and helping our youngest angels with their first nativity show. Miss Davis also congratulated Esther, a 'narrator extraordinaire' who stepped in at late notice to cover illness and performed brilliantly.

Angel Express nativity

We are grateful for all the support that parents give their children to enable them to enjoy being part of such a show, and for the hard work of all the EYFS/KS1 staff involved. We thank also the parents who have officially filmed and photographed the show.

Reverse Advent calendar update
Reverse Advent calendar update

We're giving to help families in need

Following the success of last year, we once again invited the children to take part in our reverse advent calendar and, in doing so, help a family in need this Christmas.

Mrs Nethercott took all our donations to Keynsham Food Bank in good time to get the goods to local families over Christmas. On behalf of the food bank, Mrs Nethercott would like to thank all parents, children and staff who generously supported this initiative.

Reverse Advent calendar donations for the food bank

Keynsham Food BankFor more information about how to access help from the Keynsham and Saltford food banks, see our Pupil premium page. If you would like to know more about the Keynsham food bank, you can see their website here.

Carol singing in the community
Carol singing in the community

Sharing our Christmas spirit

Mr Baker, Mrs Kidd and twelve of our year 6 pupils enjoyed a traditional vist to sing a variety of Christmas songs for the residents at Hinton Close and Kingfisher Lodge.

These included traditional carols and other songs that the children have rehearsed for the school production and the Lighting of the Christmas Tree ceremony in Saltford Hall. This annual event is enjoyed by the children and the elderly alike – this year the children sang a selection from the KS2 Production, the Lighting of the Christmas Tree and some traditional Christmas carols with everyone joining in at times.

Saltford school singing in the community

Thank you to Mr Baker and Mrs Kidd for continuing this lovely tradition.

Raising money with maths
Raising money with maths

It all adds up for Bath Cats & Dogs Home

Well done to Pippa and Maya from Class AB who have been playing a numbers game in school and raising money for Bath Cats and Dogs Home.

The girls have raised £8 for this very worthy cause.

UKS2 Visit to the Mary Rose
UKS2 Visit to the Mary Rose

As part of our work on Tudor explorers, the Year 5 & 6 children brought to life their study of Henry VIII’s Flag Ship, The Mary Rose and the battle in which it was sunk by visiting the ship at Portsmouth. Henry VIII was an enthusiastic shipbuilder, whose pride in his “Army by Sea” would see his fleet grow from 5 at the start of his reign to 58 by the time of his death in 1547.  It is the Mary Rose that is remembered as his favourite.

The children enjoyed exploring the different parts of the ship and meeting the characters who lived on board. One year 6 said, "My favourite part was actually seeing the Mary Rose." The children learnt about the battle where the Mary Rose was sunk and even planned their own strategies for victory as the French and English.They also got to train in a Tudor gun drill where they got to experience what it might have been like to fire a cannon in a naval battle. 

Guide explains Mary Rose layout to childrenChildren perform a Tudor gun drillChild holds Mary Rose rope

EYFS Visit Bath City Farm

Last Thursday the Butterflies and Bumblebees had a wonderful time exploring Bath City Farm.

They saw pigs, sheep, ponies and were even brave enough to feed the goats and chickens! After this they went to the allotment and learnt all about different plants we can grow to eat. 

They learnt a lot about farming and Harvest time as well as having lots of fun!

Thank you to Miss Honeybell for organising this trip and to all the EYFS staff who helped on the day.

A big thank you to all the helpers who joined us on this trip.


Zest is the best!
Zest is the best!

School catering wins top award

We are delighted that Claire Mansri and our school caterers, Zest, won the ‘Best Self Managed School Caterer’ category at the national EduCatering Awards in London on 8th October.

This industry recognition of Claire’s leadership and the hard work of the Trust's catering teams is fantastic news and well deserved. Congratulations to Claire and the whole team.

Zest Catering wins at EduCatering

Harvest festivals
Harvest festivals

Our donations support our community

This year we have enjoyed our traditional harvest festivals and thought about our community and where our food comes from.

The KS2 harvest festival had a French flavour as all years performed their prayers and songs in French as part of the 'languages matter' week that we celebrated earlier in the term. La chenille qui fait des trous made an appearance (better known as the hungry caterpillar) and Frère Jacques was busy with his tomatoes.

As a school, we collected harvest gifts for Julian House and Saltford Food Bank. This is "caring for our community" in practice. We asked EYFS and KS1 to bring dried or tinned goods for Saltford Food Bank and the juniors to give as much fresh fruit and vegetables as possible which have gone very quickly to Julian House.

We hope that everyone who attended the services enjoyed the efforts of the children who performed with such enthusiasm and enjoyed the opportunity to make a donation to those members of our community who need support from the food bank and from Julian House.

Languages matter
Languages matter

Bonjour! Hola! Ciao!

All our children had lots of fun learning about languages in our 'languages matter' week when we celebrated languages and through the entire week. 

Enjoying French soup

EYFS explored a map of the world and learnt to say 'bonjour', Year 1 and 2 had fun making French soup and tasting it, Year 3 and 4 took a virtual tour of Paris and made models of the Eiffel tower and its skyline and Year 5 and 6 enjoyed running a French themed café.

Ordering at a cafe in French

Making Eiffel towers for languages matter week

The children have also been introduced to other languages from Italy, Spain, Wales and Sri Lanka and enjoyed a visit from our Spanish club teacher in our whole school assembly.

Spanish in action

Mrs Sage would like to thank the staff for all the lovely activities this week and Mrs Nethercott for her leadership of modern foreign languages.

Languages are fun!

Languages matter week food tasting

Languages matter week French cafe

Warleigh Lodge Farm trip

Fun at the farm!

Key Stage One have enjoyed their visits to Warleigh Lodge Farm this week. Luckily enough the weather held out for all classes, so the children could enjoy their activties outside. There were lots of jobs for the children such as harvesting the Fodder Beet, feeding the pigs, goats and hens, riding on the trailer behind the farmers tractor to feed the cows, making a bed for the pigs and collecting eggs.

The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and learned a lot about farming. 

Warleigh Lodge FarmWarleigh Lodge FarmWarleigh Lodge FarmWarleigh Lodge Farm

Conker sale
Conker sale

Knockout fundraising idea

Theo and Freddie from Year 6 are selling conkers in aid of Saltford Food Bank. They had the idea to sell some conkers to raise money for charity. They will use the money to donate food to Saltford Food Bank.

PTA fundraising summary
PTA fundraising summary

Every child benefits

We would like to thank our PTA for another fantastic year of fundraising. Look out for posters with a summary of last year's impressive figures and how every child in the school has benefitted.

They raised...

The 2018/2019 school year was yet another fantastic year for fundraising. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the committee, parents, staff, and everyone who attends our PTA events, a massive £23,600 was raised!

They've given us...

How has the money been spent so far? During the last school year, the PTA supported the building of substantial new outdoor play equipment, including grass matting to enable year-round use and bought books for the reading library. The whole school took part in an online safety project run by Bigfoot Art Education and each class received new golden time games and toys; Key Stage 2 children enjoyed special robot wars workshops and received personal planners; younger children had Lego STEM workshops and received resources for EYFS social groups and the THRIVE programme.

The work of the PTA enriches school life in so many ways. We're looking forward to another successful year of collaboration and enjoyable events.

Reading rocks!
Reading rocks!

Finding the fun in reading... prizes to be won

This year we have a range of exciting events lined up to inspire children to read and read some more. There are prizes on offer and we are also searching for guest readers who would like to come in to school to share a favourite story with the children.

The gift of reading

To mark the start of the new school year each class received a brand new book for their class, wrapped up and ready to share. Reception will get theirs when they start full time.

Mystery reader

Children need to keep their eyes peeled for a different mystery reader each week. When they notice a member of staff reading in unexpected circumstances they can enter their guess, along with their name and class into the box in the office for a chance to win a prize.

Book club

Each term, Miss Davis will host a book club for a year group to share what they are reading, listen to part of a new story they may not have heard and review the book. The first book club will run for Year Six on Friday 13th September 12.20- 1.00 in the library with a follow up session on Friday 11th October at the same time. If your child would like to be involved please see Miss Davis and remember to bring a packed lunch on the day.

Guest reader

Are you a brilliant storyteller? Is there a book you’d like to share with a class? Would you like the opportunity to read to a group of children? We would like to invite a guest reader to join us for a one off story telling session. This is open to parents, grandparents, governors and friends of the school. If you would like to share a book with a class please let the class teacher know and arrange a time to drop by.

Reading champions

Does your child have what it takes to be a Reading champion? We are looking for one exceptional champion from each class to promote reading and fly the flag for books. If your child would like to be their class’s champion they need to write a brief letter (assisted by you for younger years) to Miss Davis, outlining why they would be an excellent champ. Please can letters be given to Miss Davis by Monday 23rd September with the Champions announced on Thursday 26th September in assembly.

Book bucket list

Have you seen Miss Davis’s Poster in the library? It shows are a range of classic books that children can read and enjoy. Has your child read any? If they have, they can submit a book review and scratch off the panel for that book. Help Miss Davis scratch them all! 

The Matthew, Bristol

Reception children go on a pirate adventure.

Yesterday the Butterflies and Bumblebees went on a pirate adventure!  The children and staff looked wonderful in their pirate costumes. We started our day with a treasure hunt around the school and then travelled to Bristol Harbour to visit The Matthew.  Each class took it in turns to travel along the river in a real pirate ship.  We scrubbed the decks, learnt about real pirates and even had a tug of war!  Thank you to Miss Donovan for organising this visit, and to all the EYFS staff and parents who accompanied the children.  

Pupils celebrate VE Day with special visitors

Gas Masks, Anderson Shelter and Saltford WW2 stories engage pupils

Classes RJ, PNMN and NB had a visit from Grace and her brother Geoff last Thursday. Grace is the Great Grand Mother of Josh D and had come in to talk to the children about her experiences of being a child during World War II and to answer questions put to her by the children about her experiences.  

On Friday Years 3 & 4 had a visit from Albert Fenton and his son Andrew. Albert is a D-Day veteran who talked to the children about the D-Day landings in Normandy and his time as a soldier during and after the end of the war.

On Tuesday morning this week, the children did a walking tour of Saltford to discover how the village was affected by the events of World War II. The children particularly enjoyed looking into the 'Anderson Shelter' which is still in-situ in the garden of the house of children from this school. To bring their topic on World War II to a fitting end, in the afternoon the children had an afternoon in the hall to sing songs and learn how to dance the Lindy Hop!

Thank you to the Year 3 & 4 staff for organising such a special series of activities for the children.

We would also like to thank Grace, Geoff, Albert and Andrew for sharing their experiences and Mrs Dark, Mrs Banfield, and Mr Russell for helping to organise these events and all the parent helpers who walked with the children around Saltford.


Years 3 & 4 visit to STEAM
Years 3 & 4 visit to STEAM

Children travel back to the 1940's

Years 3 & 4 (Classes ESST, PNMN, NB & RJ) visited STEAM (The Museum of the Great Western Railway) in Swindon this July as part of their World War II topic. The children took part in different activities including an air raid and an evacuation experience. To add to the experience the children dressed up in 'authentic' World War II clothing, carried their own gas mask and box and brought a packed lunch based upon food eaten in the 1940's. They even wore an evacuation label on their clothing!

Mr Jenkins commented, "The quality of the workshops was excellent and provided a fantastic experience for the children with opportunities for drama and role play. They really enjoyed and benefitted from the day as it brought our exciting World War II topic to life! I would like to thank all our parents who helped with making the children's costumes, gas masks and packed lunches and also our parent helpers who came on the visit and for entering into the spirit of the day by dressing up in 1940's style clothes as well!"
Thank you to Mr Jenkins for organising this visit, to all the Year 3 & 4 staff and parents who accompanied the children on both days.

Y6 camp 2019
Y6 camp 2019

Welsh Bicknor here we come!

Year 6 were very excited to set off on their camp on Monday morning to the Forest of Dean. Arriving at the Activity Centre before lunch they chose two activities they wanted to do from Abseiling, Caving, Climbing, Archery and High Ropes. After lunch they changed activity and then set off for the Wye Valley Youth Hostel. Gloucester Cathedral was the destination for Tuesday morning and in the afternoon they went skiing and tubing at the Gloucester Ski Centre. On Wednesday the Year 6 enjoyed a day on the river for a day of canoeing.

Saltford School year 6 camp 2019Saltford School year 6 camp 2019Saltford School year 6 camp 2019

Well done to all the children who showed their resilience and had an enjoyable day. On Thursday they went on a long walk through the Wye Valley, doing drama and art activities and enjoyed a game of rounders after lunch. Friday was the last day and the children enjoyed a day at the Perrygrove railway.

Saltford School year 6 camp 2019Saltford School year 6 camp 2019Saltford School year 6 camp 2019

Thank you to Mr Godwin, who organised the trip, Mrs Godwin, Mr Styles, Mrs Kidd, Mrs Parfrey and Mrs Hathaway for accompanying the children for the week.

Well done to the children for their excellent behaviour through the week.

St Mary's Church visit
St Mary's Church visit

Saltford School connects with St Mary's Church

We greatly value our status as a Church of England school and our close links with Saint Mary's Church in Saltford. Every child at school was invited to a special celebration of collective worship.

We visited St Mary's in three age groups, each group walking to and from school to attend. 

Walking to St Mary's Church Saltford

The services, conducted by the Revd Daile Wilshere, celebrated God's wonderful creations. Children were invited to think about their favourite parts of God's creations; flowers, animals, sea or sky. They sang songs such as 'The Rainbow Song' and 'The World is a Wonderful Place' with enthusiasm and enjoyed the shared experience.

Poppy was nervous when she was asked to read a poem about God's creation but she managed to read it clearly.

Saltford School Church visit 2019

Thanks to Mrs King, one of our Governors, who led one of the songs, to Revd Daile and to the volunteers who accompanied us on the walk.

Gold standard games at Saltford
Gold standard games at Saltford

Top award for third year running

The School Games Mark is a government-led award scheme launched in 2012 to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community. This year were are delighted to have achieved the gold award for the third consecutive year.

We receive a Sports Premium Grant for each financial year which must be used, in line with government policy, to encourage the development of healthy, active lifestyles and to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and sport that we offer. At Saltford C of E Primary we are enormously proud of our commitment to sport.  Each year, the Sports Premium Fund is carefully planned against the 5 key indicators set out by the government.

This year were are delighted to report that every member of our current Y6 has benefitted from this fund whether they have represented the school at a sporting festival or competition or been offered the opportunity of some expert coaching in sports such as golf, tag rugby, basketball, handball, gymnastics, hockey, orienteering and/or football.

This year, we are extremely proud of our numerous team and individual sporting successes:

  • Y6 Swimming Team – Runners Up in the B&NES competition AND beat 3 School gala records along the way.
  • Y6 Cross Country Team WON Gold, Silver and Bronze medals
  • Y6 Girls Football Team – Runners Up in B&NES tournament
  • Y5/6 Gymnastics Team WON Gold, Silver & Bronze Medals
  • Y3/4 Gymnastics Team WON Silver and Bronze Medals
  • Y4 boys Football Team- Runners Up in B&NES competition
  • Y4 mixed Tennis Team- Runners Up in B&NES competition
  • Y6 mixed Basketball Team – WON the B&NES competition
  • Y6 Boys Cricket Team WON the B&NES competition,
  • Y6 mixed Tag Rugby team WON the B&NES competition AND WON  the County finals
  • Y6 mixed Indoor Athletics team WON the B&NES competition and were 6/12 schools at the County finals
  • Y6 mixed Quadkids Athletics WON the B&NES competition and will compete at the County Finals next month.
  • Y6 Boys Football Team are still in the B&NES knock out Cup Competition.
  • Y6 Girls Netball – a successful year winning numerous matches
  • Y6 Hockey team – represented the school at the B&NES tournament
  • Y6 Orienteering team- represented the school at the B&NES festival.

We’d like to say an enormous thank you to everyone who has helped us achieve this gold school games award;  to our expert coaches who have coached the various teams along their journeys, to the parents and grandparents for their continued support and to Mr Burston and Miss Jones for all of their support as our School Games Organisers.

Mrs Sage would particularly like to pay tribute to Mrs Brook's role pulling together all the sporting activities. Without her, it simply couldn't happen.

Five-star catering
Five-star catering

Hygiene inspection confirms catering standards

Our school kitchen was subject to a hygiene inspection in June 2019. Catering Manager Lynne Portlock said she was proud and delighted that the kitchen retained its maximum rating of 5, very good. Lynne and her team have worked hard to keep meeting the standards required. We have five stars for the rating, and five stars in our kitchen: Ms Portlock, Mrs Ford, Miss Hope, Mrs Jenkins and Ms Macke.

5 star hygiene at Saltford School kitchen

The maximum rating of 5 means that our hygiene standards are very good and fully comply with the law. For more information about the hygiene rating, please see the Food Standards Agency website here, and for more information about school dinners at Saltford School, you can see our School dinners page here.

Wells Cathedral
Wells Cathedral

Year 6 prepare for the journey ahead

Year 6 enjoyed a special Pilgrimage Day at Wells Cathedral on Tuesday taking part in collective worship with other schools from across our Diocese.  The children were split into groups with children from other schools and took part in a wide range of activities. They were praised for their enthusiasm which really shone through in activities like the flag worship and drama, where they showed no hesitation in joining in. Well done to year 6 for representing the school so well. A special mention goes to Violet B in class NS who read our school prayer beautifully from the pulpit in front of 400 children. Thank you to all of our helpers and staff who helped make the day a success.

The Green Team
The Green Team

Green Team led an assembly last week to share with the school all of the different projects they have been working on. Jess, Faye, Millie and Amelia from Class AB created a power point to show and presented it to the whole school, a huge thank you to them. (The power point can be found here) They talked about the activities that we have participated in, including, litter picks, monitoring energy usage, making eco bricks, maintaining the secret garden and flower pots, the potato project and bug houses. 

In the future the Green Team would like to try and limit single use plastic at school and remind the school about reduce, reuse, recycle which will include pictorially labelling the bins to make it clearer where things go.  

We also launched The Great Battery Hunt, to encourage everyone to recycle their batteries and each child has taken home a box. There are certificates/mini prizes for the biggest collection.  Please see the accompanying letter and power point here!

A huge thank you to everyone who has supported the Green Team this year. Especially to Mrs Hodgson, Mr Hayden, Mrs Butler, Ms Stiles, Mrs Sampson and Mrs Curtis. We really love having others come to share their knowledge so please get in touch if you can help. Also, we are always looking for volunteers to work with children (or alone) on some gardening.

Green team assembly

Green team assembly

Green team assembly

Bath & North East Somerset Archaeology Store
Bath & North East Somerset Archaeology Store

Year 3 & 4 check out Roman Mosaics

Years 3 and 4 visited Bath & North East Somerset's  Archaeology Store at Pixash Lane on Tuesday 4th June. While they were there, each class was split into 2 groups who alternated between two different activities  - making mosaics and looking at Roman artefacts.

Mr Jenkins commented 'The children loved the activities and were really engaged and interested. Many of the children commented how much they had enjoyed themselves and how great it was to see real artefacts that were made by the Romans! Their 'souvenir' mosaics were a big hit too!'.

Thank you to Mr Jenkins and the Year 3 and 4 staff and all the parent helpers who helped walk the children down to Pixash Lane.

We welcomed Ofsted to Saltford School
We welcomed Ofsted to Saltford School

Ofsted visit 15th May

On 15th May we welcomed Ofsted Inspector, Mrs Wendy Marriott, for the day. We were pleased to be able to share with her all that makes our school the special place that it is. We are delighted that the final report recognises all the excellent work going on here at Saltford Primary.

We have maintained our status as a ‘good’ school. The grading cannot be changed as a result of a one-day inspection. Therefore we are very pleased that the inspector recognised that, since our last inspection in May 2013, we have

‘demonstrated strong practice and marked improvement in specific areas’.

As the inspector recognised that the school has improved significantly overall since our ‘good’ grading she has recommended a further section 5 inspection.

Mrs Sage has thanked all the parents, our fantastic children and our dedicated staff for their hard work and commitment. This has all contributed to making Saltford School an outstanding place for learning, working and succeeding.

You can read the Ofsted report here and Mrs Sage’s letter to parents here.

The inspector recognised the considerable strengths of the school but also recognised the improvement plans we have in place and the positive impact these will continue to have. This demonstrates that we know and understand our strengths and areas to continue to improve.

We are especially proud of the many positive comments that included:

‘Together with your senior leadership team and skilled governing body, you have accomplished the school’s aim of bringing about high-quality leadership and teaching.’

‘You now have a skilled and effective team of subject leaders across the full range of national curriculum subjects.’

‘The standard of pupils’ reading and writing is high and supports their good access to learning in other subjects.’

In maths: ‘Pupils’ work and visits to classes now show that teachers’ consistently high expectations and very effective teaching strategies have rectified the weakness in problem solving…’

The children and staff were amazing ambassadors. A particular highlight was the confidence with which the children spoke to the inspector, explaining how we keep them safe and them knowing who they can speak to should they need help.

We were also overwhelmed by the positive response to the parental survey. One parent echoed the view of others by saying: ‘In my opinion Saltford is an exceptional school.’

Mrs Sage has pledged to parents that we will continue to focus on raising standards and ensuring that children who attend Saltford School are given the very best education. To that end, parents have been sent a letter asking them to complete a questionnaire for parents that will inform school's direction. Also, we would like to remind parents that you can share your thoughts about our school with Ofsted at any time by going to Parent View.

Saltford School gets active!
Saltford School gets active!

Thumbs up for the exciting new play zones

The PTA commissioned a playground extension to provide new active zones for all ages, built by Big Wood Play. The area to the right of the school has been transformed into an “Active Zone” with castle towers linked by a wobbly bridge, complete with a scramble net, a climbing wall and a ladder, with a slide and a firefighter's pole too.

It's clear from the pictures that this installation gets a big thumbs up from the children. Everyone was delighted to play together.

Play equipment gets thumbs up

Play equipment in the trees

New active zone play 2019

Alice, Isaac and Mo from year 5 said how great it was to have something "adventurey" that would be enjoyed by all ages. Mo particularly liked playing on the tree branches, and all agreed being right in the tree was exciting.

The early years area now enjoys a new active area for use during lessons comprising a traverse wall, stilt walk, beam and rope, balance beam, bridge and an 'A' frame climber.

This was all made from environmentally sustainable, English farmed larch, sourced locally and using the skills of local craftsmen. Beneath the equipment rubber grass mats provide a soft, but durable surface and a pathway of the same material links to the upper playground, allowing year-round access to these lovely resources.

We would like to say a big 'thank you' to the wonderful fundraising efforts of our PTA and your support of all they do. 

Ascension Day walk
Ascension Day walk

Unwinding together in our lovely countryside

Last Friday we held our annual Ascensiontide walk to the top of Kelston Roundhill. This is a very old Saltford School tradition which we revived over ten years ago and which has become a favourite day for many children and teachers. As a Church school we think it is important to mark the major Christian festivals and it is good that we can commemorate this special event at the end of SATs week.

We started walking in rather damp conditions but luckily the weather soon improved - after ten o'clock it was dry but cloudy. Ideal walking conditions for a large group of children.

We walk down into the village, along the cycle track, over the fields to Kelston and across the main road. When we get to the top of the hill we have a short act of collective worship with readings, prayers and songs. We were delighted that our new Foundation Governor, Mrs Emma King, was able to join us this year and she gave the children a very interesting talk about the meaning of Jesus's Ascension.

After the service we ate our packed lunches and then there was an opportunity to play on the hilltop or just sit and admire the beautiful view, albeit a rather cloudy one on this occasion.

On our way back, as we walked down the lane back to the cycle track, we met a very friendly herd of cows who had decided to move to an upper field. All the children waited quietly and sensibly on the grass verge while the somewhat bemused animals passed by!

We are very grateful to landowner William Heath for giving us permission to visit the round hill once again and to all the adults who gave up their day to come along. Well done to all the children for their sensible behaviour on the walks and during the service. We hope you all enjoyed your day.

N Baker   RE coordinator

PTA Cake Sales
PTA Cake Sales

Thank you to our generous parents

Thank you to all of the parents/carers of Saltford School. The seven cake sales this school year have raised a wonderful £1304.23 for the classes. The children along with their teacher get to choose items for the classroom, this could be games, toys, books etc. 

We are getting a list together to give you an idea of what they have chosen this year and hope to put a little piece on here before the end of the school year.

We do have one more cake request to all parents, carers and grandparents for the 'Tea Rooms' for the summer fair on Saturday 15 June. These donations help give visitors to our summer fair a wonderful choice to pick from and is a huge fundraiser, so please don't put your wooden spoons down just yet. More details will be available closer to the event.

Thank you again for all your support, what an amazing school community we have.

Keep Saltford swimming
Keep Saltford swimming

Help save our special pool

At Saltford we are very lucky to have a swimming pool on site. This way we know that all our children can learn this life-saving skill with minimal disruption to the rest of their school day. 

However, understandably, the maintenance, running costs and swimming teacher’s wages are expensive and so, considering the current educational funding crisis, we do need your support to continue to fund the upkeep of the pool. 

We have not reached the decision to make this request lightly and we only do so after considering all other options, including using the public pool. We understand that not every family will be able to make a contribution but we cannot save costs by offering fewer lessons because if the pool is not operated regularly enough then it would become irreparably damaged.

If we do not receive sufficient contributions for this academic year, we will have to consider very seriously permanently discontinuing swimming at Saltford and pursuing the much inferior but cheaper public pool provision instead. Please take a look at our Swimming information for full details of costs and the options that have been considered.

If we are to keep all children at Saltford School swimming we respectfully ask parents for a voluntary contribution to cover the lessons, running costs and repairs for this academic year September 2018 – July 2019. The suggested contribution is £25.70 per pupil (for 20 weeks). For those parents of children in our Reception classes, swimming starts in Term 5. As these children will only swim once a week for 13 weeks, the suggested contribution is £15.50 per child. However, if you feel that you are able to contribute more we would be very grateful for any donations.

Please donate online via the School Gateway.

Special indoor athletics event
Special indoor athletics event

Saltford year 4s head to Wellsway School

On Thursday 9th May all of our year 4s were invited to an afternoon of indoor athletics at Wellsway School, organised by Mrs Burston, Wellsway’s sports coordinator.

The children took part in numerous activities focusing on the three disciplines of running, throwing and jumping. The whole afternoon was a joy to witness as the children from Saltford worked so positively with the year 4s from St Johns Primary School as they were coached by Wellsway’s year 8 and year 9 Sports Ambassadors, many of whom are former Saltford pupils.

Mrs Brook would like to thank all of the parents who walked with us, to Mrs Burston for organising this wonderful event and to the Sports Ambassadors for their guidance and patience throughout.

Year 4 indoor athletics Year 4 indoor athletics Year 4 indoor athletics Year 4 indoor athletics

Say "Cheese"

We're in Cheddar for Year 5 camp

On 24th April, our entire Year 5 set off for their 3-day camp at Cheddar youth hostel. We packed a lot in, including a visit to Weston-super-Mare museum, followed by lunch under a soggy pier then a walk along Brean Down beach as it was too wet and windy to climb to the top of the hill. Day two was equally as busy hiking along Cheddar Gorge and gorging on ice cream in the village. We enjoyed our last outing to Wookey Hole with all its additional attractions. During the evening the children enjoyed playing games, exploring the grounds of the hostel and chatting in their rooms.

We thank the staff at the hostel for providing four delicious meals and packed lunches for our two day trips. One child commented on the exceptional taste of the honey sponge. All staff members were impressed by the manners and helpfulness displayed during dinner times.

You can see from the photos below what a great time we all had, in the woods, on the beach and spending time together away from school.

Year 5 camp 2019 

Year 5 camp 2019 Year 5 camp 2019 Year 5 camp 2019 Year 5 camp 2019 Year 5 camp 2019 Year 5 camp 2019


Sporting success in April
Sporting success in April

County champtions at mixed tag rugby

We've had a spring in our step this April as far as sport is concerned.

We are very proud of our Year 6 mixed tag rugby team who became county champtions at the 2019 West of England Spring School Games. You can read all about this remarkable achievement in our sports reports.

Our girls' tag rugby team came out on top at the annual girls’ tag rugby festival at Avon RFC in Bath and our basketball team was the overall winner against seven other primary schools in this year's annual festival. We were particularly pleased to be complimented on our fair play and sportsmanship in the girls' tag rugby.

See our sports reports for pictures and full accounts of the matches.

Thanks to our PE staff for their unwavering enthusiasm and to all the coaches, parents and supporters who keep us going.

Year 4 camp 2019
Year 4 camp 2019

Learning and fun away from school

When spring arrives it's time for Year 4 to head out of school to go on camp. We enjoyed another very successful visit to Barton Camp near Winscombe.

After arriving and unloading the coach we climbed up to Crook Peak, from where we enjoyed stunning views of the Mendips, the Quantocks and the Bristol Channel. We also did a scavenger hunt in small groups - amazing how challenging it can be to find a feather in the countryside!

We had new caterers this year, Mendip Outdoor Pursuits, and they did a great job. We all really enjoyed our evening meal and breakfast. We also enjoyed playing outside in the sunshine until quite late and we finished the evening watching a film together.

On our second day we visited Puxton Park near Weston-super-Mare and enjoyed the Farm Animals experience, finding out about dairy cows and other domestic animals. We finished our tour with a tractor trailer ride which was great fun.

Year 4 camp 2019 Year 4 camp 2019 Year 4 camp 2019 Year 4 camp 2019 Year 4 camp 2019 Year 4 camp 2019 Year 4 camp 2019 Year 4 camp 2019

Early Years maths workshop 2019
Early Years maths workshop 2019

This workshop was led by Sarah Savage who is a Primary Maths and Assessment lead. She is an expert in her field and a very engaging speaker.

The aim of the workshop was to inform parents about our approaches to the teaching and understanding of number and other maths skills. We wanted to provide families with many practical ideas for supporting children at home from the Reception year onwards.

You can find a copy of the presentation here.

We hope you found the workshop to be beneficial. We believe the benefit will not just be for the Reception year but also for your child’s future development in maths.

1950s and 1960s Day

Remembering the "good old days"

What an amazing day we had last Friday.  Our Year One and Year Two children looked wonderful in their 1950s/60s outfits, and they thoroughly enjoyed all the playground games organised by parents and grandparents. The children had various activities in their own classes, including dancing, games and watching programmes from the 1960s! The Friday before, Mr Pallett told the children about music in the 1950s and played a selection of tunes throughout that era and into the 1960s. The children learned 'Hand Jives' and a bit of 'Rock-n-Roll’ and enjoyed dancing to the music from the 1950s and 1960s. The children absolutely loved it. Thank you very much to the Grandparents, Mrs Macnaughton, Mr Pallett and all the Key Stage One staff for making it such a memorable day.  

Rising stars 2019

In late March, 13 of our year 6 students spent the morning at Wellsway School working alongside year 7-9 English students, thinking about equality issues.

In groups they explored different areas of equality and presented their conclusions through stories, fact sheets, speeches, letters and newspaper reports. The work produced in such a short space of time was fantastic.

Well done to all students who took part and a big thanks to Mrs Hathaway and the students and English teachers at Wellsway.

Saltford School rising stars at Wellsway School

Robot Wars
Robot Wars

Let battle commence!

As part of our "computing matters" week, we had some amazing robot wars workshops for Key Stage 2.

Each class worked in small groups to design and make their own robot, with a battery pack and radio. The groups had to create and put together their own wheels and strong frame and then battle could commence! Class RJ were thrilled to watch Mega Monster take on Shell Crusher, and Shellreaper battle Lightening Bolt.

Here are a few thoughts on the workshops from the children who took part:

Poppy liked how she had to work out the control panel for herself. She said "my favourite part was designing the robot. It was challenging but it was fun!" 

Molly most enjoyed doing the controlling of the robot; "it was difficult but really fun".

Pippa liked the competitive element and that it was a bit different from normal school days. She also "liked finding out how engines run".

Ella thought the workshop had "helped me understand how to program a robot and use the controls. I also liked designing and making".

Robot wars workshops Robot wars workshops

See our "computing matters" week news item for details and pictures of other activities in this special theme week. Our next focus will be a health and well-being fortnight starting the week beginning the 3rd June.

Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra
Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

Symphonic orchestral experience on a Friday afternoon

Last Friday, a group of 30 KS2 children  were fortunate to go to the Forum in Bath for a classical concert with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. The program of music was based around the theme of ‘Celebration’ as it was 125 years since the formation of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. The concert featured superb pieces from some of the world’s best classical composers, such as the ‘Festive Overture’ by Shostakovich, Beethoven’s ‘Ode to Joy,’ and Bernstein’s ‘Symphonic Dances Finale’ and ‘Candide Overture.’

 James Redwood, a musical director and composer who presented the concert, led the children in some body percussion and Makaton which meant the children were involved in some of the pieces during the performance. It was an enriching experience, and great for the children to see and hear a live symphonic orchestra playing both original and classical pieces. It was a lovely way to round off a Friday afternoon!

Green team news
Green team news

Improving the school environment for everyone

Green Team have had a busy start to the year. They brainstormed a list of ideas covering 10 environmental topics, coming up with ideas of how they could help Saltford School to become more green!

The KS2 Green Team have monitored energy use and class temperatures over a week and then fed back the results to Mrs Sage. They are aiming to write a report for the children and staff to share their ideas of how we can save energy.

The KS1 Green Team members have put potatoes from the ‘potato project’ out for ‘chitting’ and will be planting those shortly. We aim to grow these and then cook them in school.

Lucky litter picker finds £1Last Friday the KS2 Green Team went on a litter pick in the local area. They were amazed by the amount of litter that we collected and one lucky litter picker even found £1!

Many thanks to Mrs Sampson for supplying us with litter pickers, gloves and bags.

2019 green team in action KS2 litter picking 2019The Green Team have also been supporting Mr Jenkins with the management of the Secret Garden by weeding, planting bulbs with Mrs Butler and spreading bark on the paths. We would like to thank Mrs Hodgson who regularly weeds this garden.

The children are also designing a bug house for a competition run by the Keynsham Rotary Club. We look for to seeing their designs soon.

Our future projects are going to include ‘Eco bricks’: if anyone has any 500ml Evian bottles please bring them into school for us to fill and turn into little stools. We will also be think about reducing our use of single use plastics. We are looking forward to sharing our hard work in an assembly soon.

We are also grateful if anyone who has any expertise in this area would be prepared to share it with us, particularly with regards to our future projects or our garden.

200 million minutes
200 million minutes

We're up for this reading challenge

We are taking part in the 200 Million Minutes Reading Challenge – a global reading initiative from education charity Achievement for All. Beginning on World Book Day (Thursday 7th March 2019) children and young people from around the world will try to read for 200 million minutes collectively! 

According to JK Rowling, "if you don't like to read, you haven't found the right book". Do take a look at our English page for tips on getting the most from your reading, and many suggestions for things to read. 

Reading books

Saltford children have received a special 200 Million Minutes bookmark for recording daily how many minutes they are spending reading. There are prizes for those settings reading the most, so every minute counts!

Miss Davis will collate the school's running total every week. We will be collecting minutes up until 1st April, so let's rise to the challenge!

Computing matters week
Computing matters week

Online and offline focus on computing

The week of 11th March is our "Computing Matters" week in Saltford. In our "matters" weeks, we take a specific subject and raise its profile throughout the week, particularly in relation to the other subjects we are covering.

There will be many different activities in the classrooms, with and without computers. We are planning some engaging "unplugged" activities that demonstrate computing concepts such as programming and algorithms.

We are lucky enough to have a Lego robotics workshop for all of KS1 on the Friday where they will learn by making and programming a Lego vehicle.

At the end of March KS2 will be participating in a "Robot Wars" workshop, also making and programming their own robots ready for a grand inter-class battle!

We'll post some news and pictures as the week progresses.

Our next focus will be a health and well-being fortnight starting the week beginning the 3rd June.

Key Stage 1 had an amazing time at their Lego robotics workshops on Friday. They built a mini robot out of Lego and created algorithms to make it spin, play music and speak. This was such a great opportunity to practise both programing and creative skills. 

David Lawrence Jones visits Saltford
David Lawrence Jones visits Saltford

Inspirational children's author brings a bathtub to assembly!

Our visiting author, David Lawrence Jones told us all about how and why he became a writer, from being a reluctant reader at school. David's presentation was full of enthusiasm and fun, leaving the children inspired to read more.

What a fantastic way to kick start our World Book Day celebrations! We think you will see from the photos how much the children enjoyed this experience.

David Lawrence Jones visits Saltford David Lawrence Jones visits Saltford David Lawrence Jones visits Saltford David Lawrence Jones visits Saltford

Official opening
Official opening

Original programmes on display in school

We are extremely grateful to Mrs Julia Norton (née Savage) who was kind enough to send us two original programmes from the official opening of Saltford VC Primary School.

The programmes are now on display on the wall opposite Mrs Sage's office. Do take a look when you are in school. If you are interested in the school's history, there is more information and some photos on our history page.

At the time of the opening of the new site, Mrs Norton was a pupil in the final year of the school. It was lovely to hear that she still has fond memories of her time at Saltford.

Well done Thomas
Well done Thomas

Top 40 achievement at National Gymnastics Competition

Thomas from class HR went to Birmingham to compete in a National Gymnastics competition on Friday 9th November.

We are very proud of him for his dedication to training every day, and delighted that this has paid off. He achieved 38th position nationally, with a score of 9.5. His favourite discipline is the pommel horse.

National Gymnastics bars

Earth and Space

Well done Leo for going the extra mile!

Class HR topic this term is Earth and Space in Science so Leo decided to complete extra homework to support his learning.

Well done Leo!

EYFS Trip to Bath City Farm

Last Friday the Butterflies and Bumblebees had a wonderful time exploring Bath City Farm.

They saw pigs, sheep and were even brave enough to feed the goats and chickens! After this they went on a bug hunt and identified slugs, snails and spiders amongst other minibeasts! 

They learnt a lot about farming and Harvest time as well as having lots of fun!

Thank you to Miss Honeybell for organising this trip and to all the EYFS staff who helped on the day.

A big thank you to all the helpers who joined us on this trip.

Bath Children's Literature Festival Trip

Year 6 visited the Guildhall in Bath this week in order to hear two writers, Catherine Johnson and Katherine Woodfine, discussing the book 'Make More Noise', which is full of short stories about protest and standing up for what you believe. They read extracts from their own stories and discussed the different ways people take a stand for their beliefs. An interesting Q&A session focused on how the authors find inspiration for writing, as well as top tips for anyone who might like to write when they are older. It was lovely to see some children so inspired that they immediately put pen to paper upon returning to school. Well done to year 6 for representing the school so superbly and thank you to all the staff and parent helpers that came along on the visit. A big thank you also to Miss Hansford, who organised this lovely visit for our oldest children.

Photo of children attending a book talk

Key Stage One Visit to Manor Road Community Woodland

This week all the classes from KS1 visited Manor Road Community Woodland to do some work supporting their current science topics, Animals including Humans. The children considered the needs of different animals and used this to create shelters for their furry friends. They then looked for signs of Autumn, supporting their work on Harvest, and completed a scavenger hunt around the woodland. It was a great morning for all involved and the children left the woodland inspired to do more work on this topic.

Wellsway Visit

English Team visit Year 6

On Wednesday, Year 6 had a visit from Miss Swinscoe and Miss Grout from Wellsway School to give our children a preview of the type of English they will be doing at secondary school. We have been reading The Giant's Necklace by Michael Morpurgo, and the children carried out a text analysis, looking at language features and the structure of the book. They complimented us on how hard working, polite and well behaved our children were and we know the children gained a great deal from the session.

SS Great Britain

Visit brings Victorian topic to life

On Monday and Tuesday Years 3 & 4 (Classes ESMN, PNST, NB & RJ) visited Brunel's SS Great Britain in Bristol as part of their Victorian topic. The children took part in different activities including a guided tour of the ship, a walk beneath the 'glass sea' in the dry dock, a look around the Dockyard Museum and a chance to experience the recently opened Being Brunel Museum.

 Mr Jenkins commented, " The quality of the tour of the ship was excellent and provided a fantastic opportunity for the children to experience life on-board a ship on a long distant voyage. They really enjoyed and benefitted from the day exploring the world's first great ocean liner as well as the first to have an iron hull, steam power and a propeller. I would like to thank all the parent helpers who came on the visit and the staff at the SS Great Britain."

Thank you to Mr Jenkins for organising this interesting visit, to the Year 3 and Year 4 staff and the parents who accompanied the children on the two days.

The Matthew

Saltford Pirates!

Last Friday the Butterflies and Bumblebees went on a pirate adventure.  We started our day with a treasure hunt around school on the hunt for real treasure.  We then travelled to Bristol and walked down to the harbour. Each class took it in turns to travel along the river in a real pirate ship.  We scrubbed the decks, learnt about real pirates and even had a tug of war! Everyone had a great day and there were some very tired pirates at home time. Thank you to Miss Donovan for organising this visit and to all the EYFS staff who went along to help.  A big thank you to all the parents who came along to help us.



Former pupil achieves a First in Chemistry

Interest in Chemistry starts at Primary School

Will Loney, a pupil at Saltford School from 2004 - 2011, has just been awarded a first in his Masters Degree in Chemistry from the University of Bristol.  Will developed a love of learning at Saltford School and went on to achieve fantastic GCSE and A level grades at Wellsway School.  Well done Will, your former teachers are very proud of you.

Former pupil gains First in History

Louis Nicholson-Pallett off to Oxford

A former pupil of Saltford School, Louis Nicholson-Pallett (2001 - 2008) has graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in History from Royal Holloway College, London and will be off to Oxford in September to undertake a Masters at Queen's College.  Louis thanks all his former teachers at Saltford for embedding a love of learning at an early age.  Congratulations Louis from all the staff at Saltford Primary School.

EYFS Visitors

People Who Help Us

Last term the Butterflies and Bumblebees learnt all about People Who Help Us and were very lucky to have lots of kind visitors come in to tell us all about their jobs.

The Butterfly Class were very lucky to have a visit from Dr Andrews who taught us lots of things about being a doctor. We learnt about some of our organs and had a go at things that doctors do like weighing and measuring babies and putting bandages on.

Both Reception classes were very lucky to have a visit from Mrs Ferris who told us all about being a nurse. She spoke to us about germs and showed us how important it is to wash our hands.

Another special visitor we had was Dr Smith-Collins who came to talk to us all about being a paediatrician. He showed us some instruments that doctors might use and he even let us pretend to be doctors too.

We had a visit from Mrs Singh to talk to us about being a Parking Enforcement officer. We learnt why it is so important to park your car safely and what the Parking Attendants have to do and wear every day.

This term we have been lucky enough to have visits from paramedics and police officers. Mr and Mrs Brett came and speak to us about being paramedics. They told us about the equipment they use and taught us how they might treat somebody who had hurt their arm. We even got to look inside the ambulance. PC Sean and PC Steve bought a police van in and taught us all about what police officers do and how to stay safe. They let us print our fingerprints and showed us how to use the radio.

A huge thank you to all of our visitors for giving up their time to make our learning so exciting.

Do see our Twitter page for some photos of these lovely visits!

School Orchestra

What a performance!

All key stage two children were invited to play in our school orchestra and we have been overwhelmed by the response and enthusiasm of our pupils. We have formed an orchestra of thirty children with a wide range of instruments consisting of violins, clarinets, flutes, recorders, saxophones, percussion and a cello! The children began their first rehearsal by watching a clip of 'Ode to Joy' and then practised playing the tune themselves. Mrs Hodgkin (one of our parents) has transcribed all the music for the children to play. She practised individual parts, and by the end of the first rehearsal, they were performing the whole piece! The children were really engaged and enjoyed the whole experience. They will be performing to their parents at 3pm on Friday 22nd June and then giving another performance at 2pm on Saturday 7th July at the Summer Fair. Please come along to support them if you can. We would like to thank Mrs. Hodgkin for her tremendous enthusiasm and for inspiring our children to play together. She has written all the parts, organised the instruments and managed to create a wonderful performance in just three weeks! We are extremely grateful to her for her patience, inspiration and support. The children have absolutely loved it! We hope you enjoy the performance.   


NSPCC online safety workshop for parents
NSPCC online safety workshop for parents

NSPCC and 02 join forces with parents to help keep your child safe online

We were delighted to host the NSPCC for this hour-long workshop on that most important subject, the online safety of children.

This workshop was part of a range of activities from the 'speak out, stay safe' programme that the NSPCC has been delivering in our school. It is designed to make sure our pupils have the knowledge and understanding they need to stay safe from abuse.

Many parents attended the workshop, which covered information about what children might be doing online and discussed particular apps and games they might be using. There was advice on how to set expectations with children, and how to start a conversation about their online life. 

Parents at the NSPCC workshop

If you missed the talk there are leaflets available in reception and you can check out the following links for support and advice:

Shareaware, developed in conjunction with O2, contains lots of advice and links to help parents encourage their children to be 'share aware'.

Netaware is a guide for parents to the most popular sites, games and apps that children use, helping parents to form their own views about which ones are appropriate for their children.

You can also  find a collection links to useful online safety advice on our own online safety page.

NSPCC maths challenge

A huge WELL DONE to all the children that took part in Buddy's Meaningful Maths Challenge for the NSPCC. We are so pleased to announce that as a school we raised in excess of £4100 for the NPSCC. This is an absolutely amazing amount of money that will be able to help so many children all across the UK. Thank you so much to all the parents, family and friends who sponsored our children. Butterfly class won the award for the highest number of sponsors. Tamsin and Sarah from the NSPCC announced the amount in our whole school assembly on Monday before leading the Online Safety Workshop for parents. As a school we would like to thank the NSPCC for their informative assemblies and workshops.

Competition winners Butterfly class

Saltford School at the BANES Primary Parliament

Feel good, live well; health and equality for life

Saltford School at BaNES Primary ParliamentThis summer two of our School Council members, Polly S and Lily P, represented the school at the 2018 BANES Primary Parliament. This event occurs every year and this time was held at Somerdale Pavillion in Keynsham, with the theme 'Feel good, Live Well' (Health and Equality for Life).

The children took part in various activities linked with the theme, including a presentation they prepared with children from other schools on 'Food, Glorious Food', supporting our Sugar Smart campaign. The day concluded with talks from our local Member of the Youth Parliament, Hannah Powell, and the Chair of BANES Council, Karen Walker.

Well done to Polly and Lily for representing the school so brilliantly!

Inspiration for our playground leaders
Inspiration for our playground leaders

More playtime fun and games in store for younger children

On Monday, we welcomed Cath Burston in to school to work with our Y5/6 Playground Leaders.

During the morning the leaders were split into groups of five and their task was to use the PE resources to lead a small game which would engage FS/KS1 during playtimes.

Playtime gamesNext term, these Y5/6 playtime leaders will continue their excellent leadership qualities and continue to lead some games during the infants lunchtime play. Thank you to Mrs Burston for providing this wonderful opportunity for our Y5/6 children. She told the leaders that they should all be very proud of themselves for demonstrating many of the skills that will make them excellent playtime leaders.

Mrs Brook 23.05.18.

Ascension Day walk up Kelston Hill
Ascension Day walk up Kelston Hill

KS2 observe Ascension Day by heading outside

We were pleased to make the most of the fair May weather and make our annual pilgrimage to remember the events of Ascension Day on Kelston Roundhill.

We assemble at the top of the hill for a service with prayers, a Bible reading, hymn singing and a reminder of the significance of the occasion. This is followed by a well-deserved picnic lunch and an opportunity to play in the fresh air before heading back to school.

This memorable day also gives the children a chance to chat with their friends, teachers and other adults, enjoy the scenery and observe nature. Well done to all the children for participating so well. 

Thank you to Mr Baker for his organisation, to all the staff and parent helpers who accompanied us and to the landowner, William Heath, for once again extending an invitation to us to use the site for this event.



Saltford School and St Mary's Church family service

Successful collaboration in the community

Family service at St Mary's ChurchMr Baker and nearly half his class led the Family Service at St Mary's Church last Sunday, 13th May. After a warm welcome from Rev'd Daile, the children did a Bible reading, acted out a play based on Jesus' Parable of the Talents, showed pictures that they had drawn based on this story and read prayers they had written themselves.

We were very impressed with the way the children behaved, spoke and sang and many members of the congregation commented how nice it was to see so many children from Saltford School at church with their parents. We very much value our strong links with St Mary's and this annual event certain serves to strengthen that relationship.

Thank you to the parents who made it possible for their children to attend and who came along to support the event and to the people of St Mary's for making us so welcome, including providing refreshments after the service.

Family service at St Mary's Church Family service at St Mary's Church Family service at St Mary's Church Family service at St Mary's Church

Congratulations Mo

Saltford pupil wins B&NES crime writing competition

Mo wins writing awardWe are very proud of Mo in class RJ who has won the B&NES Young Crime Writer competition that she had been shortlisted for.

She was presented with a Bath Chronicle trophy, and a Kindle provided by the Police Mutual for her story ‘Paris Green’.

Gold for Saltford

Girls win at gymnastics competition

Congratulations to Poppy, Francesca, Oona, Amelia, Lucia, Erin, Savannah, Ilaria, Emily, Eve, Katie, Erin, Mia and Molly who represented our school in the Kingswood schools gymnastics competition in April.

Young gymnastics winners KS2 gymnastics winners

They won individual medals and both the infants and juniors finished in first place winning gold cups for Saltford. Well done to our gymnasts!


Saltford School takes a stand against racism and inequality

We were pleased to welcome Alessia and Tamana from SARI (Stand Against Racism and Inequality) to KS2 on 15th March. They took an assembly about racism and racist bullying and led some workshops exploring these issues in greater detail with our Y6 classes. Please take a look at their interesting assembly presentation hereSARI assembly for KS2

The children engaged with the issues in a very mature and thoughtful way and some very interesting discussions followed the assembly back in classes. 

The children were reminded that it's very important to let someone know if they experience or witness any incidents of racism or racist bullying and that these would be taken very seriously by our school and would be investigated by Mrs. Sage.

SARI is a specialist organisation contracted by B&NES to deliver proactive education interventions in co-operation with schools.

Digital leaders in the community

Saltford School's digital leaders help out at the Computer Café

Our "amazing and knowledgeable" digital leaders went to put their digital skills to good use at the Computer Café session that took place at Saltford Hall on 12th March.

Digital leaders at the Saltford Computer Cafe Digital leaders at the Saltford Computer Cafe Digital leaders at the Saltford Computer Cafe Digital leaders at the Saltford Computer CafeDigital leaders at the Saltford Computer Cafe

The photos speak for themselves; the customers at the Computer Café were delighted with some help from the younger members of the community and the children really enjoyed sharing their skills along with some squash and biscuits.

Topics covered included using email, watching YouTube and changing iPad settings.

Thank you to Mr Freemantle and Miss Hansford for working together on this successful collaboration.


Debutots lunch time club for Foundation Stage children

Successful bid from Big Lottery - Awards for All

Saltford School is now providing a new lunch time club especially for the children in Foundation Stage. This is due to special funding the school has received, a total of £1850.00, from Big Lottery – Awards For All.  We placed a bid for the funding and were delighted to find that we were successful.  The funding will provide enough weekly sessions for EYFS for a whole year.

Debutots interactive storytelling and dramatic play sessions promote speech, language and literacy skills and encourage self-confidence and imagination. There is a unique interactive story each session, with movement to music and dramatic play. The children then jump into the story world and bring the characters and scenery to life. Each session is carefully linked to the Early Years Foundation stage. As your children grow in age and poise, the more confident they’ll become and the more we’ll challenge their thinking and creative skills through different drama skills.  This will have a very positive impact on our youngest children’s development.

Girls aged between 5 and 7

Spaces at Saltford Rainbows

The 1st Saltford Rainbows currently have a few spaces for girls who would like to have fun, play games, earn badges and go on trips. They meet at the Guide Hut, Radcliffe Hall, in Lansdown Road on a Tuesday evening. 

For more information, email or register your daughter's details at

KS2 SATs information evening

Helping you support your child

Thank you to so many parents for attending the Y6 SATs information meeting on Thursday evening, 25th January. We hope you found it useful, and that it will help you to support your child for the tests in May. 

During the meeting, parents were told about the different tests in Maths and English that the children will do, the way that they are marked, and how the children's scores will be reported to parents, showing whether they are working above or below national expectations. Parents had an opportunity to ask questions and look at the ways that the assessment data is used. We discussed the way that writing is marked and assessed over the whole year, and is not tested during SAT week. 

Thank you to Mr Godwin and Mr Styles for taking the time to run the evening; we hope parents found the meeting informative. You can see a copy of the presentation here and, if you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

New touchscreens throughout the school
New touchscreens throughout the school

All children can access the latest learning technology

In one of the biggest changes to our classroom environment for many years, eight new touchscreens were installed in the main building and Year 6 classrooms over the Christmas holiday. Now all children have access to the latest in educational technology.

Jess in Year 5 said how pleased they are with a large, clear screen that everyone can enjoy and interact with. Staff can now make full use of video and applications, knowing that everyone can see and use them from anywhere in the classroom.

Using our touchscreensWe also expect that ongoing maintenance requirements and energy consumption of this equipment will be far lower than the whiteboard and projector setup we had before.

This has only been possible because of the dedication and generosity of our PTA who have funded the entire project. Of course, their success depends on your support of all our fundraising events. We thank the PTA, Mr May who coordinated the project, and the IT team who worked hard over the holidays to install the screens.

Modeshift stars silver award

Saltford wins top prize of B&NES "Primary School of the Year 2017"

On 21st November, Stanley, Bella and Mrs Brook travelled to Swindon to attend an awards ceremony in recognition of attaining our Silver Modeshift Award last year.

Modeshift stars silver awardBella and Stanley write: "during the day, we played some games, created a comic strip, had a delicious lunch and took part in some drama activities. In the afternoon, we listened to the awards take place and we were absolutely delighted to receive the top prize of The Primary School of The Year 2017 in B&NES for our work on promoting sustainable travel at Saltford School. In addition, Bella won the top prize in the raffle: a colourful scooter."

We all thoroughly enjoyed the day and want to thank all pupils, parents and carers for continuing to support Saltford in promoting sustainable travel. We are currently working towards achieving a gold award and would like as many children, parents and carers as possible to support our weekly WOW days. Just to remind you, we encourage you to walk, scoot or cycle to school whenever possible but on Wednesdays, our Active Ambassadors will be recording the numbers of participants from each class to determine the winning class. Thank you to Mrs Brook for all her hard work on our travel plan.

Saltford School rated "outstanding" in recent SIAMS inspection

We welcomed SIAMS inspectors into school on November 2nd

We are delighted to report that the Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS) found that "the distinctiveness and effectiveness of Saltford as a Church of England school are outstanding."

Cross Country Trials

Cross country trials took place last Friday and a squad of 20 children from Year 5 and 6 were chosen from many eager competitors. Well done to all the children for taking part and making the trials a very competitive and exciting event. Congratulations to the children who were chosen for the cross country team and who will be representing Saltford School in the BANES cross country competition on Wednesday 4th October. Good luck Team Saltford!

New era begins with six new classrooms opening in September 2017
New era begins with six new classrooms opening in September 2017

Pupils welcomed back to exciting changes on the school site.

We are very excited that our six classroom new build will be ready for occupation in September 2017. The whole project has been documented on our "Big Build Blog", where you can see pictures and comments covering all the developments since the first work began in September 2016.

In the new part of the school, one Year One, two Year Two, one Year Three and two Year Four classes will be located. We are going to be utilising our two classrooms on the field for our Year Six classes. Chuckles Before and After School club will be using their current room (the Piano Room) and also using the classroom currently occupied by Class JG which will mean they can increase their provision and enjoy easy access to the playground and field space. During the day these two rooms will be used for small group work and meetings.

Unicef Rights Respecting Schools Award

We are delighted to announce that we have received the recognition of commitment certificate

This demonstrates that we are working towards this important award.

What is the Rights Respecting Schools Award (RRSA)? 

It is a Unicef UK programme that aims to put children’s rights at the heart of schools in the UK. The Award recognises a school’s achievement in putting the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) into practice within the school and beyond. Children have the right to participate, so meaningful involvement of children and young people is fundamental to every stage of our RRSA journey. 

Please have a look at this short YouTube video about the impact of the award in schools and see the Unicef RRSA website here.