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Year 6 Leavers

Off to pastures new

This morning we said goodbye to our Year Six Pupils as they leave Saltford to begin the next stage of their journey.  They will be really missed by everyone here.  They performed the ‘Leavers’ service to their parents and the school.  This will be followed by an afternoon of pool fun.  Thank you to all the staff working with Year 6 who have made their final year, and this day, special.  The children all look brilliant wearing their leavers’ t-shirts.  Thank you to the Year 6 parents for organising a fun evening for the children, we know that it will leave the children with long-lasting memories.  We wish the Year 6 Leavers all the very best in their move to Secondary School they will be very lucky to have you.  We are very proud of them, they have represented themselves really well throughout their time here, and know that they will go on to do great things.  Good Luck Year 6, what a fantastic year group.

Key Stage Two Informal Music Concert

Children perform like professionals

We had a wonderful end of term treat on Tuesday evening when children from Year 3 – 6 entertained us with their musical talents.  There were some excellent performances on a variety of musical instruments as well as some delightful singers.  The children have worked very hard this year and a wide range of genres were included.  Thank you to Sally Baker for co-ordinating the concert, to Mrs Hayden who co-ordinates our music lessons, and also to the staff, parents and peripatetic teachers who supported the event.  Congratulations to all the children who performed and made it such an enjoyable evening

Years 5 and 6 Bring History to Life

The Battle of Stamford Bridge 1066

On a warm summer afternoon, Thursday 12th July, the children in year 5 and 6 re-enacted a ferocious battle, bringing to life the fateful events of a year of destiny in the history of England. We all know the date-1066-William the Conquerer of Normandy defeats Harold the Saxon King of England at the Battle of Hastings. But there was another ferocious battle in 1066, a matter of weeks before. This time Harold's mighty Saxon army was defending England one final time against the Vikings. 

The year 5 children, who were the Saxons-Harold's professional housecarls and the ordinary men of the fyrd- received shocking news that the Vikings had invaded in the north and were heading toward York. The children of HR and AB travelled at speed up the north road to rid England of the Viking menace once and for all. When they arrived in the north, they found the Vikings, played by the year 6 children in NS and JG, resting at Stamford Bridge near York. The children in HR and AB couldn't believe their luck. The year 6 Vikings weren't expecting them so soon and many of them were not wearing any armour. King Harold, played by Harry, ordered his men to attack and the Vikings tried to escape over the bridge. A huge Norseman, played by Luca, stopped the entire year 5 Saxon army with only his axe and enormous strength. However, a cunning Saxon soldier, played by Daisie, drifted under the bridge on a barrel and brought the mighty Norseman down with her spear. After the Saxons charged over the bridge, the two great armies faced each other on the other side with their shields locked together to form impenetrable shield walls. The sound of the year 5 and 6 battle cries was deafening. Finally, after hours of exhausting battle, the year 5 Saxons broke through the year 6 Viking shield wall, surrounded them and left no Viking standing. The year 5 Saxons had repelled the year 6 Vikings from England. Long live Harold, King of England!

Shockingly, only a matter of days after the Saxon triumph, Harold received word that the Normans had invaded the south coast and were heading toward Hastings. The Saxons would have to travel and fight another battle. The destiny of England hung in the balance once more. Would the year 5 warriors have the resilience to work as a team all over again? We shall see when they reach the dizzy heights of year 6 in September. Well done to the children in Years 5 and 6 for designing and making their own shields and axes and for re-enacting the battle with historical accuracy, huge enthusiasm and lots of fun. Thank you to the staff and parents for helping and preparing the children to take part in an experience that will live long in the memory. 

EYFS/KS1 Themed Summer Concert

STEM themed concert at Saltford

The infant children held their traditional Summer Concert today.  This year the theme was STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) to celebrate a year of amazing learning opportunities in these subjects.  They sang songs about food chains, seeds and keeping our bodies healthy.  The children sang beautifully.  We hope you enjoyed our performance.  Thank you to Miss Honeybell for co-ordinating the concert, Mrs Browne and mrs Hayden for teaching the songs, to all the EYFS/KS1 teachers and staff for supporting the children.  Thank you to all our friends and family who came along to support.


A great community effort

A huge thank you to everyone who came to Saltfest on Saturday.  It was a very hot afternoon and the England Football Team were in action from 3 pm.  Our PTA worked so hard and kept everyone happy and hydrated throughout the afternoon and during the match.  We will let you know how much was rasied once we have the final figure.  Events such as this take agreat deal of organising prior to the event, during the event and after the event.

Thank you to the PTA members who co-ordinated the fair - Ali Williams, Suzanne Young, Emma Willett and Jody Sparey.  Thank you also to the PTA committee members who worked so hard organising the different aspects of the fair - Ruth Presswood, Janet Allen, Caroline Flynn, Amanda Hawkins, Rebecca Knight, Sarah MacNaughton, Anita Bignell, Liz Taylor, Andy Butterworth and Leanne Morse.  Thanks should also go to all our PTA members' families for their hard work - Lee Bignell and Mobius Works for supplying the electrics - and all the children of the PTA members who worked very hard.

I should also mention Tanya Oliver for the programme design, Anita Bignell who organised all the programme adverts, Geraint Lewis from Up and Under Sports for bringing his attraction to the fair free of charge, Saltford Environment Group for organising the Saltford Slow Cycle, Mark Smith for providing the coconuts, Andy Morse for bringing and running the inflatable football goal shooting equipment and the WI of Saltford for running various stalls during the afternoon.

And finally to all the parents who helped set up and run the fair.  I felt so proud of this fantastic community effort on behalf of the school.

Dawn Sage



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