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Happy holidays
Happy holidays

Best wishes from Mrs Sage

As the school year draws to a close, Mrs Sage and all the staff would like to wish all children, staff and families a very happy and relaxing summer holiday. It's been a very busy few weeks, with special celebrations to send off our year 6s and camps and visits for the whole school.

We start back on Wednesday 4th September, relaxed and ready to go.

We say goodbye... Mrs Kidd, Miss Rudd and Mrs White

We were sorry to say "goodbye" today to three valued members of staff this year. 

Mrs White is retiring after 6 years of sterling service where she's focused on EYFS who have appreciated her kind and gentle presence. EYFS marked their appreciation with a lovely card and gift from all the children.

Mrs Kidd is retiring from her Teaching Assistant role after 15 years.  She has brought much pleasure to her colleagues and to the children with her enthusiasm and creative skills in craft, cooking and costume making - including support with our Year 6 show costumes.

Miss Rudd is leaving after four years to explore other opportunities. She is an excellent teacher and has done a great job with Class HR this year. We will miss her enthusiasm, kindness and laughter.

They were each presented with a memory book from staff and children, and a personal gift from the children.

Mrs Kidd received a handmade garden mosaic table. Thank you to Mrs Parfrey and Mrs Arden (supported by Mrs Pokojski, Mrs Mason and representatives from Year 6 craft club) for their hard work and skill producing this special gift.

Miss Rudd received an original painting created by Mr Boyle supported by representatives from each class. The painting depicts Miss Rudd's beloved dog Wilf and also our 4 house bird emblems.  We hope she treasures this gift.



Leavers 2019
Leavers 2019

Wishing you well on the road ahead

The last day of the school year is particularly poignant for our year 6 children who will be walking out of the grounds for the last time. We are very proud of them all, each one has contributed to our school life in their own way through the years. Our staff and the parents like to make a huge effort to make this day special for the leavers so that they have some lovely memories and feel excited about the next chapter in their lives.

There's always a packed programme for the last day, starting with the leavers' service where the children get to tease the staff in front of the whole school and their parents. Children wear their leavers' T shirts all day and sometimes like to collect autographs from their friends after the service.

Year 6 leavers' service

Here's the year 6 interpretation of Mr Godwin telling off some of his class.

The traditional pool party takes place after lunch; you can imagine the fun and games as everyone is feeling ready for the holidays!

In the evening, all children are invited to their end of school party at Saltford Golf Club. They always enjoy the scenic bus ride from school to the Golf Club that takes them around the village. Parents and villagers can come out and wave them on their way. The bus departs from the school at 6.30pm. Thank you to the parents of our Year 6 children for organising such a lovely evening - particular thanks to Julie Dean, Ali Williams, Tanya Oliver, Megan Jackson, Anita Bignell, Nathan Sheppard, Sally Cornelius, Sarah Arnott and Mark Thomas.

The bus route is as follows: school, Claverton Rd, Grange Rd, Manor Rd, Beech Rd, Norman Rd, Bath Rd and Keynsham Church, Grange Rd, Manor Rd, Bath Rd, Uplands Rd, Saltford Golf Club.

We wholeheartedly with the best of luck to each and every year 6; we will miss you and would love to hear how you're getting on.

Lunch Menu Wednesday 4th September

No-roast Wednesday

Please note that the dinner menu for Wednesday 4th September will be as follows:


Veg sausages

Mashed potato


Frozen smoothie pot

The menu for the remainder of the first week will be as per the school menu.

Happy's Circus in Saltford
Happy's Circus in Saltford

Fun-filled evening rounds off a great year

Thank you everyone who came along and supported the Circus event, bought food and drink and had some tattoos or a face paint. We know the audience had a fabulous time... Regan the acrobat wowed the crowd in his amazing outfit and Mr Slinky's fun routine had the children laughing hard.

Happy's circus in Saltford

Happy's circus in SaltfordHappy's circus in Saltford

Thank you to everyone who helped in the run up and during the event. Many hands make light work and that meant the PTA and staff were leaving the site at 8:20pm.  Without your help we can not run these events.  Thank you to R Presswood for arranging and organising the event and J Sparey for organising the Face Painting team.  Thank you to T Oliver for designing our eye catching poster. Big thanks go to Andy Beckett for his continual help at all our events, carrying and moving things making our events work easily.

Happy's circus in SaltfordHappy's circus in SaltfordHappy's circus in Saltford

We raised £2200 from our final event which is a fantastic amount, so thank you. All these amounts add up to a significant investment from the PTA in every child's experience at Saltford School, so please keep supporting future events and get involved if you can.

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