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School disco for children
School disco for children

18th October

On the 18th October the PTA will be holding its first children’s discos of the year. The discos take place after school on a Friday evening, one for Reception and Key Stage 1, followed by one for Key Stage 2 later in the evening

Tickets are on sale online here. If you need instructions for setting up your account, please see the letter to parents here.  Prices of tickets are £3.50 for KS1 & reception (including refreshments) and £2.50 for KS2 (these tickets do not include refreshments).

Reception & KS1 tickets include refreshments so they do not need to bring any money into the disco. There will a tuck shop for KS2 so please bring your pocket money. Prices as follows:

Sweet bags - 50p

Crisps - 30p

Glow sticks - 20p

Haribo snakes - 20p

Small haribo bags - 15p

Candy pencils - 10p

Each child may bring their own named water bottle to the disco. They will be asked to leave their bottle on their class table, which will be clearly marked, and to drink only in that area and leave their bottles there. 

This year we will be recycling as much as possible from the disco.  Please look at for the bins with different coloured lids for the following items:

Yellow Lid - Paper

Blue Lid - Cans

Red Lid - Plastic

Due to the fire limits of the hall it is not possible for parents to stay with their children during the disco. You will need to drop them at the hall at 5.30pm and collect them at 6.45pm. The KS2 disco will start at 7.00pm and will end at 8:15pm. If you wish to stay at school there will be refreshments for parents in the library.

We like to include reception children in this event as many really enjoy it and we don’t want those with older siblings to feel excluded. However we also understand that this is happening very early in the school year and that some parents may feel that it will be a little overwhelming for their children when they have only been at school for a few weeks. If this is the case, be assured that we run a second disco at the end of January when your children will be more settled in at school.

Family fireworks display
Family fireworks display

Remember, remember the 5th of November

The PTA will be selling fireworks wristbands after school on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week from 3pm. This will be in the usual space outside RJ, just look for the long queue! If you are not sure, ask another parent to direct you.

There are no wristbands for sale at the event, and entry is by wristband only so please don't miss out. If you are unable to get to school please ask a friend/other parent to buy your wristbands for you.

Wristbands are £3.50 each. Under 2s go free.  You can pay by cheque, cash, card and Apple Pay.

After Friday 4th October, any remaining wristbands will be on sale to the community at Davies and Way on the main road. We sold out last year so don't delay getting your wristbands if you plan on coming along.

On the day, Monday 5th November, gates open at 5pm and the display starts at 6.30pm. We are grateful to Davies and Way and Amdaris for their sponsorship of this popular event.

Do keep an eye on the PTA's website for other ticketed events where you can buy tickets easily online. Tickets are now available for the forthcoming school discos on 18th October.

Fireworks display 2019 poster

Warleigh Lodge Farm trip

Fun at the farm!

Key Stage One have enjoyed their visits to Warleigh Lodge Farm this week. Luckily enough the weather held out for all classes, so the children could enjoy their activties outside. There were lots of jobs for the children such as harvesting the Fodder Beet, feeding the pigs, goats and hens, riding on the trailer behind the farmers tractor to feed the cows, making a bed for the pigs and collecting eggs.

The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and learned a lot about farming. 

Warleigh Lodge FarmWarleigh Lodge FarmWarleigh Lodge FarmWarleigh Lodge Farm

Conker sale
Conker sale

Knockout fundraising idea

Theo and Freddie from Year 6 are selling conkers in aid of Saltford Food Bank. They had the idea to sell some conkers to raise money for charity. They will use the money to donate food to Saltford Food Bank.

Could our school win £20,000?
Could our school win £20,000?

Help collect Team GB stickers with Aldi’s Kit for Schools

We’re collecting Team GB stickers with Aldi’s Kit for Schools. When a member of our community spends £30 in any Aldi store, they’ll receive a special Team GB athlete sticker. Please help us collect 300 stickers to complete our poster and we’ll receive an exclusive sports kit plus a chance to win £20,000!

This promotion runs from 6th September until 3rd November so please spread the word to family members and friends and send your stickers into school with your child - a box will be in our reception area to drop them off.

Please see for more information.

Thank you for your support.

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