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Lockdown announcement 4th January

School closed for most children until further notice. See below for exceptions.

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement, Saltford Primary School will be closed for most pupils from 5th January 2021. School will be open for children of critical workers. 

Booking a school place for your child during lockdown

To book a place for your child in the critical worker provision, please use the critical worker and vulnerable placement request form. The form is updated on a regular cycle and has cut-off dates to make sure we have the correct staffing provision. If you need your child to come to school and the form is closed, please call the school office on 01225 872185.

We inform all parents when each new booking period is open. The parents and carers of children who are deemed to be vulnerable have been contacted separately.

Remote learning for children learning at home

Full guidance is provided for all our children who are learning at home during this lockdown. Please see our Remote education news item below for details and lots of useful links.

School dinner and free school meals during lockdown

For those children coming into school, hot school meals are being provided in the normal way at £2.60 each. Please find the current menu options and ordering information on our school dinners page here.

Children in Reception, Y1 and Y2 who usually receive a free school meal under the 'universal free school meals' scheme will continue to receive a meal if they are in school. However, the school is not able to provide an alternative for children in this group who are at home.

Children who are eligible for 'benefit-related free school meals' will continue to receive their meal, either as a free school meal where they are in school, or in the form of supermarket vouchers where they are learning at home. Families who are eligible for supermarket vouchers have been contacted individually by school.

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