Positive behaviour

Promoting positive behaviour

We aim to promote and reward positive behaviour, self-motivation, self-discipline and a sense of responsibility for our own actions. In all classes, positive behaviour is actively and explicitly encouraged, and publicly acknowledged and rewarded. The school has therefore adopted ‘circle time’ philosophy as a means of maintaining the school ethos. This is a time each week when the class meets to discuss and reflect upon issues that support positive relationships.

The Golden Rules are kept at the heart of the school, with 'golden time' given as an incentive for keeping these rules:

Do be gentle   Do not hurt anybody
Do be kind and helpful  Do not hurt people's feelings
Do work hard  Do not waste your or other people's time
 Do look after property  Do not waste or damage things
 Do listen to people  Do not interrupt
 Do be honest  Do not cover up the truth

Our aim is to ensure consistent high standards of behaviour. We are a happy, caring school and that is because we have high expectations of the children in this area.

We care deeply for our children and believe it is important that if children need to be reprimanded we make it clear that it is their behaviour we are rejecting, not them.

Fair and consistent sanctions

Our aim is to create an air of ordered freedom in school, but clear limits will be defined and the children will be encouraged to assume responsibility for their own behaviour.

We also aim to provide a clear graduated system of sanctions for problem behaviour that is fair and transparent, related to clearly defined levels of behaviour, and which is used consistently throughout the school. Please see our full behaviour policy here..

The Levels of Behaviour poster is displayed throughout the school and made explicit to the children. Each level lists the types of behaviour that would be categorised at that level, and the range of sanctions that can be used at the teacher’s discretion.

We want to work collaboratively with parents to uphold and maintain the culture of positive behaviour and the system of sanctions for problem behaviour, and to maintain a zero tolerance approach to bullying and discrimination. Please see our full anti-bullying policy here and the Anti-bullying Charter reviewed by the School Council here.

Problem behaviour

Children displaying problem behaviours that are frequent or serious in nature would always trigger not only sanctions, but also concern, and we would seek to work together with parents towards a solution. Our exclusion policy can be found here.