Lockdown from 4th January

School closed for most children until further notice. See below for exceptions.

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement, Saltford Primary School will be closed for most pupils from 5th January 2021. School will be open for children of critical workers. 

Booking a school place for your child during lockdown

To book a place for your child in the critical worker provision, please use the critical worker and vulnerable placement request form. The form is updated on a regular cycle and has cut-off dates to make sure we have the correct staffing provision. If you need your child to come to school and the form is closed, please call the school office on 01225 872185.

Please consult the critical worker prioritisation criteria table to see how school places will be prioritised.

We inform all parents when each new booking period is open. The parents and carers of children who are deemed to be vulnerable have been contacted separately.

Remote learning for children learning at home

Full guidance is provided for all our children who are learning at home during this lockdown. Please see our Remote education news item below for details and lots of useful links.

Looking after your well-being

During periods of learning at home, it is important to think about children's well-being as well as their learning. There is lots of useful information for children and adults in our Well-being section here and a special section here dedicated to staying well while learning at home.

Regular staff testing

We are pleased to introduce twice weekly testing of staff from 25th January, in line with Government recommendations. Using Lateral Flow testing will represent one further measure to help staff and children in school operate in as safe an environment as possible by reducing the spread in schools. A major benefit of this testing programme will be to identify anyone who has the virus without symptoms. Up to one in three people who have Covid-19 have it asymptomatically so could be transmitting it unknowingly.

There is a possibility that our school provision could be affected if this testing regime picks up any positive results. In this case, we will contact parents by text and letter as is routine.

School dinner and free school meals during lockdown

For those children coming into school, hot school meals are being provided in the normal way at £2.60 each. Please find the current menu options and ordering information on our school dinners page here.

Children in Reception, Y1 and Y2 who usually receive a free school meal under the 'universal free school meals' scheme will continue to receive a meal if they are in school. However, the school is not able to provide an alternative for children in this group who are at home.

Children who are eligible for 'benefit-related free school meals' will continue to receive their meal, either as a free school meal where they are in school, or in the form of supermarket vouchers where they are learning at home. Families who are eligible for supermarket vouchers have been contacted individually by school.

Covid guidance for parents

Information for parents in the event of Covid-19 at school

Please read on for information about procedures that will apply in the event of a confirmed case or an outbreak of Covid-19 in our school community.

Please see the Remote education news item for full information about how remote education will be offered for any Saltford School children who are required to remain at home because of Covid-19.

For general guidance for parents about children's primary education, please see the document 'What parents and carers need to know about early years providers, schools and colleges'. For full government information about Covid-19 please see

See also up-to-date information from the World Health Organisation (WHO) here.

There is a free children's book that is designed to explain all about coronavirus to children aged 5 – 9. It is available to read online, as a download or as an audio book and is illustrated by the popular Gruffalo illustrator Axel Scheffler. See for more information.

Any updates in the form of letters to parents will be posted here.

Letters from Public Health England.

Lockdown updates

School sports wear: the Harvem shop in Keynsham is required to close its shop as a retail premises during lockdown. However, there is now a click and collect function on the online ordering system. 

You can pay online and choose the click and collect option at checkout. You can collect goods at the shop door on production of the receipt. See

If your child develops symptoms at school

  1. They will be taken out of class and a parent or guardian will be contacted to discuss the next steps
  2. The school will follow the guidelines from the DfE as set out in this action list.
  3. The child must stay at home and follow the government's guidance for households with possible Coronavirus infection:
  4. They must arrange to have a test. See also 
  5. If your child receives a positive test result for Covid-19 please complete the positive Covid-19 test reporting form here.

If a pupil or member of staff at Saltford School tests positive

  1. They will already be out of school, self isolating and have been tested
  2. The school will inform the Department for Education (DfE) and Public Health England (PHE) who will advise the school on a course of action based on latest public health advice.
  3. The advice service will rapidly assess who has been in close contact (within two metres for over 15 minutes) with the confirmed case during their infectious period.
  4. Children who have been in close contact with the positive case, will be required to self-isolate according to the government's guidance. School will text and send an email letter to parents of all affected children giving relevant dates of close contact and isolation period.
  5. Parents of children who are not required to self-isolate will also receive a letter to let them know that there is a positive case in school and the class/year group affected. The case will not be named because health information is confidential.

If my child is sent home to self-isolate because they were in contact with someone with a positive test

  1. Your child will be provided with remote learning. See the Remote education news item for full details.
  2. Parents do not have to self-isolate unless the child who was sent home develops symptoms.
  3. Any other children in the family who are in other classes or year groups at Saltford School will not have to self-isolate as they will not have had close contact with the positive case.
  4. If a confirmed case has had contact with others outside their class, those individuals would be contacted and required to self-isolate.

If there is an outbreak of Covid-19 at Saltford School 

Saltford School has planned for a potential outbreak of Covid-19 at school and would work with PHE and the Wellsway Multi Academy Trust to implement that plan. Plans include communications and remote learning provision.

If my child usually has a free school meal

  1. School plans to support children who would normally receive a benefit-related free school meal. Individual families will be contacted by the school where this is applicable.
  2. Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 who receive a 'universal free school meal' will unfortunately not be eligible for extra support.

If my child is self-isolating and it is difficult for me to get other children to school

  1. Parents, carers and guardians are responsible for ensuring regular attendance and that includes making sure that their children can still get to school. This case is treated the same as a sibling being ill under normal circumstances.
  2. Please check the government guidance relating to household bubbles.  This might enable a parent living on their own with children aged under 18 to ask an adult from their ‘bubble’ to take their children to and from school.
  3. Families with children aged 13 and under are able to form a childcare bubble with another household which allows for an informal childcare arrangement that might be helpful.
  4. If you are having difficulties, please contact the school to discuss your circumstances.
  5. Work will be provided only for the child who is self-isolating. See the Remote education news item for full information. Siblings are still required to attend school as normal to access their education.

If there is a local lockdown

All parents will be contacted by school with details of how local lockdown measures will affect our school. These measures will be taken following guidance from PHE or the Dept. of Health and Socal Care.

Thank you

We would like thank families for their understanding and continuing support as we all work through these changes. Throughout the planning process the safety of children and adults has been our overriding concern. For further information please see the operating procedures document here.

All our planning has been done in conjunction with the other primary schools in our trust and we have followed the Wellsway Multi Academy's Trust’s risk assessment process in doing so. Our risk assessment has been reviewed and approved by the trust board and is available on the WMAT website.

Remote education

Online provision for Saltford School children learning at home

During periods of self-isolation – whether waiting for test results or monitoring symptoms – or national lockdown, it is important that children have support to continue their education while they are at home, as long as they are well enough to do so. 

For full details of our remote education offer please see the following:

Please follow the links below to find three daily lessons to support your child's learning at home. Children can then share what they do via Tapestry or Seesaw. The login details remain the same as before. Please contact us if there are any issues with this.

Microsoft Teams

Please see communications sent to parents/carers with regard to our use of Microsoft Teams for live meet ups.  Instruction document can be found here

Oak National Academy

Schedules by year group from the Oak National Academy

These are free online lessons across a variety of UK school curriculum subjects. Please choose the appropriate year group and then select the day of the week.

BBC TV and Bitesize online

The BBC has added curriculum-based television programming to its online offering to support families during the latest lockdown. Programming for primary aged children will be on CBBC between 9am and 12pm every weekday. The Bitesize daily lessons will also be shown on the Red Button service on TV.

Please see the following links for how to access the online BBC content:

Online learning resources for children of all ages on the BBC Bitesize website. 

All Bitesize daily lesson episodes will be available on catch-up, on demand on iPlayer.

Virtual curriculum page

On the virtual curriculum page we have put together some additional ideas and activities to support your child's learning at home in each of the subject areas. This can be used independently or as directed by your child's class teacher. The resources from this page, and any linked websites, will complement any in-school teaching or remote learning.

Stay safe online

Please get familiar with our online safety advice here for up to date help with keeping safe online. This includes information on a wide range of apps and devices including gaming platforms. It's also important to keep a balance between screen time and other activities. See our PE virtual curriculum page for plenty of ideas for getting away from your screen. 


Using Seesaw for home learning

What is Seesaw?

We are very pleased to have Seesaw as an important tool for us to provide education for our children when remote learning is required.

Seesaw is a secure online learning environment for children that provides a platform for communication between children, parents and school. It supports creative learning by enabling use of photos, videos, drawing and notes.

All families will have received an introductory letter that outlines what teachers and parents can expect from this new platform, how to get started and how any privacy and safeguarding concerns are covered.

How does it work?

When you first activate your account, you should see your child in their current class. Your teacher will respond to anything you post with a like or a comment. Please be aware teachers are all in school teaching during school hours so will not be able to respond straight away. Any work needed will be assigned to your child for them to complete and submit. Seesaw tasks may include special projects and different challenges.

We will suggest ways to respond but if you work in a different way, please do submit your work in this format. We appreciate not everyone will have access to/want to work on devices all the time.

Don't forget that, in addition, we still have paid subscriptions to Doodle Maths and English and TTRockstars and Numbots which are excellent resources to keep your learning going.

Help for parents

You can see an introductory guide for parents here and watch the video that Miss Davis has made to help parents through using Seesaw for the first time:

Lockdown photo competition

Calling all budding photographers

We are excited to announce the PTA #Winterwatch Photography Competition.

If you've noticed the catkins and the pussy willow appearing, if you've seen the robins in the bare branches, if you love being outdoors in crisp winter, then all you need is a camera (a phone is fine) and you're set to go.

Your challenge is to take a photo of something that catches your eye, something of natural beauty, maybe a bird, tree or amazing landscape. Will you look up or down? 

Email images to by Thursday 11th February. Please give your class and the name of the photographer on the email. You can enter as many times as you like. The entries will be judged by Peter Travers Photography.

We look forward to sharing the results on the school website, Twitter account and newsletter. By sending us your image, you agree to its publication by the school and PTA.

For extra inspiration, you might like to take a look at the BBC Winterwatch website here or famous wildlife photographer Simon King giving a crash course on how to photograph wildlife even if you only have your phone to hand.

Lockdown photo competition description

Seb earns a green Blue Peter badge
Seb earns a green Blue Peter badge

For people who care about the environment and nature

Congratulations to Seb in Year 2 for being awarded a green Blue Peter badge for writing a poem called 'The Last Fish'. He recieved a letter from all the presenters and the Blue Peter editor praising his 'cleverly written and beautifully illustrated' poem.

The poem was intended to make people think about what could happen if we keep polluting our oceans. 

Here is Seb with his badge and his headteacher award sticker.

Well done Seb; we're all very proud of you.

Seb and his green Blue Peter badge

Winter mini reading challenge
Winter mini reading challenge

You can still use your library

During the next few weeks in December and January, libraries are inviting readers aged 4-14 to take part in the Winter Mini Challenge (younger and older are welcome to join in too).  This programme is totally digital and provided free from the Reading Agency.  The Winter Mini Challenge encourages children to read 3 books of their choice (or more) over the Christmas holidays; it is is a more relaxed version of the Summer Reading Challenge.  As in the summer, any format of book counts including books from home, but we would ncourage families to use public libraries.  Children and families can sign up free online and you do not have to be library members to take part. Our local libraries are open for business. Check out opening times at

  • The Mini Challenge begins on Tuesday 1 December 2020
  • Children can rate and review their books, collect rewards, and take part in Winter Mini Challenge activities through the website
  • The Mini Challenge will end online on Friday 15 January 2021.
  • Any child can sign up but most suitable for ages 4-14.
  • Theme for Winter Mini Challenge is ‘Everyone is a Hero’ and partnered with inclusive publisher Knights Of
  • To join the library visit Keynsham, Bath Central or Midsomer Norton libraries (Mon – Fri, 10 – 4) or join digitally:

Families who will not be using the online service, please download the printable Reading Record booklet here and the certificate here.

EYFS and KS1 star in The Very Hopeless Camel
EYFS and KS1 star in The Very Hopeless Camel

Sit back, relax and enjoy!

EYFS and KS1 are proud to present 'The Very Hopeless Camel' this year. Of course, we could not put on the usual stage performance but we are pleased to be able to create a video of this entertaining show so that families can still enjoy this Saltford tradition.

Congratulations to our wonderful EYFS and KS1 Classes for their incredible Nativity 'The Very Hopeless Camel'. What wonderful acting from our Year 2 children, super singing and performance from our Year Ones and amazing EYFS Angels. Please find below the links to the performances for the different classes for you to watch at home. We hope you enjoy them.

As with all of our performances, please do not post the videos or links onto your own social media.

The Very Hopeless camel, Group 1, starring classes GD, RH and NJ

To view directly on YouTube for a full-screen experience, please use this link:

The Very Hopeless camel, Group 2, starring classes ED, CE and MN

To view directly on YouTube for a full-screen experience, please use this link:

A huge thank you must go to the EYFS/ KS1 Team for all their work leading the children with their acting, singing and dancing and organising the costumes. Thanks also go to Ollie Weaver from WMAT for some of the filming and editing and to Miss Davis for her scriptwriting.

Here's are some stills from the filming:

The Very Hopeless Camel 2020 The Very Hopeless Camel 2020 The Very Hopeless Camel 2020

KS2 Christmas video
KS2 Christmas video

It's here!

Our KS2 children and staff have been hard at work on this year's Christmas performance of 'Christmas Around the World'. Despite the challenges that this year has presented, the children have really risen to the occasion and done a brilliant job of singing, acting and dancing. We have put this together into a video which we are sure you will enjoy.

As with all of our performances, please do not post the videos or links onto your own social media.

If you would like to see the video in full screen, please go direct in YouTube:

We thank the Year 6 children for their performances, Mr Styles for his great work on the script and green screen magic, and Mr Weaver who came to film us. We also thank all the KS2 staff for their hard work and creativity in making sure that this year's Christmas production was as special an occasion as it always is.

Christmas 2020 video green screen Y6

We thank also all of the Year 4 and 5 classes who worked hard on their performances and the staff for all the props and rehearsals.

Class CM have been exploring Christmas traditions in Germany and have made biscuits for our own German market stall display. We have learned to sign the popular carol Silent Night. 

Class PN have been exploring Christmas traditions in Mexico. We have discovered that the story of the Nativity is central to their celebrations.  We have learnt a traditional Christmas song called 'Mi Burrito Sabanero' which tells the story of the journey to Bethlehem made by the donkey.  In class, we have made our own maracas, Mexican stars and piñatas to celebrate the festivities.  We hope you enjoy our song!

Class ESST have been learning about Christmas in Sweden. We have made Swedish decorations and learnt a lovely song about Santa Lucia. She was a lady who took food to the poor in the evenings, wearing candles in her hair in order to be able to see and still carry more food. At Christmas in Sweden, girls dress up as Lucia and boys sometimes accompany her dressed as Star Boys (representing the 3 Kings who visited Jesus) with tall white hats and carrying a star.

Christmas 2020 video down underClass RJ have chosen Australia as their country and the song 'Aussie Jingle Bells'. It is the summer time in Australia at Christmas and therefore it is very different from Christmas in Britain. The weather is very hot and children are more likely to have a BBQ, seafood and go to the beach or swim in the pool, than have a roast dinner and sit by the fire. They would also be dressed in shorts, T-shirts and flip flops rather than in woolly jumpers, scarves and coats on Christmas Day. 

Congratulations Oona
Congratulations Oona

Tune in for her prize winning story on Friday 11th December

Congratulations to Oona in class CM who has won the Keynsham Winter Festival writing competition with her story ‘Santa and the Penguins’.  As well as receiving a prize, Oona was excited to hear that her story will feature in the Keynsham virtual Winter Festival and that she will be able to read it out on local radio station KTCR FM!

As part of the Keynsham Winter Festival, the story has been read and filmed by a Dickensian Character, to be broadcast on Friday 11th December at 6pm.  You can watch this live on Friday11th December and any time after that on YouTube here:

Also, parts of the story will be hidden in shop windows after 11th December around the town to form a trail, that everyone can follow.

Well done Oona; we hope you enjoy all these special experiences.

Parent voice

Working together to keep improving

We know that a positive relationship between our families and the school is the very best foundation for your child's school experience. We encourage the children to work and learn together and, in the same spirit, we actively seek to engage with parents in order to continue improving our school.

Parent governors

We have recently had three vacancies for parent governors and we are grateful to the five parents who would like to stand for election. All candidates have prepared a statement that has been sent to all parents and every parent has the right to vote in the ballot.

Our document on the role of a parent governor helps to define the special role of parent governors.

Parent governors are required to bring a parental perspective to the issues raised in meetings. In all other respects they participate as other governors in the running of the school. See our Governors section for full information.

Parent voice group

This new initiative for 2021 seeks to reintroduce a scheduled opportunity for parents to join discussions with governors and the Headteacher about a variety of ideas. This is to replace the Parents' Forum which has seen dwindling participation recently.

In the Parent Voice Group (PVG) the focus will be around social and academic issues specific to our school.  Termly meetings will include issues/questions brought by parent representatives.  It is also an opportunity for us to seek parental response to any new developments.  We might also, for example, express our appreciation of parental help and involvement, and parents might tell us what things they like, what is going well and areas to develop. We envisage that meetings would last about an hour and a set of agreed minutes would be circulated to all parents.

We are currently seeking two parent representatives per class to join the new PVG.  Initially these representatives would serve for the rest of the academic year.  If you have children in different year groups, please state which class you would like to represent or whether you do not mind representing either. If you are interested, please fill in this online form by Friday 11th December.

Saltford Reception classes in special nativity event
Saltford Reception classes in special nativity event

Watch it streaming on Saturday and Sunday 7 – 8pm

Children in our Reception classes were invited by Bath & Wells Church Diocese to take part in a special nativity event organised by South West Carols.

Saltford Reception ready for nativity performance

Our Reception children were ready, willing and able to act out part of the nativity story to a narration. This was produced and filmed in the school hall by Mrs Browne and the Reception teachers and staff, following all covid-related safety procedures.

This first ever such event is a celebration of all the good things that take place at this wonderful time of year and the reasons why we celebrate. It includes a great selection high quality musical performances from diverse artists and participation from schools all over the South West. It also promises interviews, stories and fun moments to make you laugh out loud. The nativity was streamed on Saturday and Sunday December 5th and 6th.

You can see the Saltford children in action below or if you would like to see in full screen, please watch on YouTube at

You can also watch the whole South West Carols show on YouTube here:

Advent nature trail
Advent nature trail

Christmas trail in the school garden

The children are looking forward to getting out in the school garden for a special Advent nature trail which will be led by Reverend Daile.

Stone Age experience
Stone Age experience

Years 3 & 4 head outside

Years 3 and 4 welcomed SG Forest school to Saltford at the end of November to give the children a hands-on experience of life in the Stone Age.

The Stone Age comes to Saltford

The children had the opportunity to strike flint, build dens, grind wheat and make pots as they discussed the key question, "Were the people living in the Stone Age super-heroes?"  After the experience, they decided that yes, to be able to survive without any of today's luxuries, they were!

The Stone Age comes to Saltford The Stone Age comes to Saltford

A huge thank you to Tim and Jane from SG Forest School for bringing the Stone Age to life for us.

The Stone Age comes to Saltford The Stone Age comes to Saltford

Reverse Advent calendar 2020
Reverse Advent calendar 2020

Children and staff are giving back to families in need

Even under normal circumstances this time of year can prove to be very difficult with some families struggling to put a meal on the table, let alone being able to think about any of the little extras that so many of us will enjoy over the festive period. In the current climate of Covid-19, this has never been more true and Saltford School wanted to play our part in supporting our local community. And so, following the success of the last three years and the overwhelming gratitude of the Keynsham Food bank, we once again invited the children to take part in our reverse Advent calendar and in doing so, help a family in need this Christmas.

Every day from Monday 9th November, one or two children from each class brought in a Christmas food item for the class box.  Then on Dec 4th when our 25 items are in, they were delivered to our local food bank, where the donations were  gratefully received by the Trussell Trust.

Reverse Advent calendar donations for the food bank

Staff also asked this year that, should parents be considering a token of thanks for your child’s teacher, your generous donations to the Advent calendar collection would be thanks enough.

We would like to thank everyone who donated to this worthwhile cause, and Mrs Nethercott in particular who coordinated everything for Saltford School.

We were delighted to receive this letter of thanks from the Chairman and Project Manager of the Keynsham Food Bank:

Dear Mrs Sage,
I write on behalf of the Keynsham Food Bank to thank you and the school family for the support that you have again given us as we once again approach Christmas. Your kindness is very much appreciated.
This fiscal year so far has been extremely busy for us and since April 1st we have supported just short of 1,700 people which is 400 more than in the whole of the last fiscal year. Currently we are covering Keynsham, Saltford, the Chew Valley and the neighbouring part of South Gloucestershire.
None of what we do could be done without the support of people such as your school family.
Thank you again.
Best Wishes

For more information about how to access help from the Keynsham and Saltford food banks, see our Pupil premium page. If you would like to know more about the Keynsham food bank, you can see their website here.

Keynsham Food Bank

Anti-bullying week
Anti-bullying week

United against bullying

Our equalities team lead the activities as part of national anti-bullying week beginning 16th November.

Anti bullying weekThis year's theme was 'United Against Bullying' and is part of the ongoing work of the Anti-Bullying Alliance who provide lots of useful resources for parents and children online.

Children were encouraged to wear odd socks to school on the Monday to show their support and they responded in great numbers. Why wear odd socks? It's about celebrating individuality and appreciating that we are all unique.

Here are Class PN and Frankie & Freddie from Class ESST showing off their odd socks to support anti-bullying
Class PN in their odd socks against bullying Odd socks against bullying

All classes participated in activities and discussions about bullying and thinking about ways to stop bullying from happening. All the children at Saltford School regularly discuss bullying in their classes throughout the year but the purpose of this week is to raise its profile even more. In class we look at different types of bullying, how to help if you think someone is being bullied or what to do if you think you are being bullied.

Here are some examples of the lovely work Class ESST did on the part they would play in stopping bullying

Anti bullying work Anti bullying work

E-team and Miss Jupp are also there to support all children across the school who need extra support. 

Congratulations Theo
Congratulations Theo

We're proud of our published author

Theo in Y6 has contributed a page to 'Rosa's Footprint', a children's book by Devon author Jo Earlam. Theo's page is called 'Theo's fossil-tastic facts'. This was part of the 'Think Footprint' project which encouraged children to think about the footprint they leave behind.

Mr Styles said 'it's really lovely for him to be able to use his passion this way'.

Theo Y6 with book Rosa's Footprint

Theo has brought in a special copy of the book for the school, signed by Jo Earlam and by him. He did a fantastic Q&A session with his class and the book will be passed to other classes before going into the school library.

Theo also attended the book launch where he was presented with a signed copy of the book, a certificate and a 3D printed model of the footprint which was found in Sidmouth around which the book was based.

Here is Jo Earlam's Facebook video featuring Theo:

Always in the Dark
Always in the Dark

Our own Mrs Harding has her memoir published

Diane HardingCongratulations to Diane Harding, who lives in Saltford and was Secretary at Saltford School for twenty years, on having her memoir ‘Always in the Dark’ published by BLKDOG Publishing.

Born in Cape Town, at the age of fourteen she moved to England after her father secured a transfer with Cadbury’s. She knew her upbringing was a weird one and it was only after her mother’s death that she discovered a wealth of staggering information and that her childhood had been filled with secrets and scandal. Diane knew from a tender age that she would one day write a book, a promise she made to her mother, and telling her story has allowed her to put the record straight.

Her book is available from Waterstones and Amazon.

Well done Anna
Well done Anna

Macmillan fundraising goes ahead

Not to be deterred when her family's usual fundraising coffee morning couldn't take place, enterprising Anna from Year 1 decided to host an outdoor cake sale on her driveway.

She raised an impressive £78.20 for Macmillan cancer support by selling cupcakes, cookies, fudge and shortbread. Well done Anna!

Nature Art Displays

Using collage to depict birds

This term we have used collage in our art displays to depict British birds and will be listening to birdsong and different sounds of nature.

We have some lovely art displays around the school - please click here to see a sample of the work from each class.

Reading is magic!
Reading is magic!

Free, engaging digital book festival for all

This year Bath Children’s Literature Festival has joined forces with other brilliant festivals from around the world to create the Reading is Magic Festival. It is a free, inclusive, and engaging digital book festival for schools and families! The festival will be taking place from 27th September – 2nd October.

For more information about the festival and to purchase any books that will be read visit

Proud Aimee
Proud Aimee

A letter from Buckingham Palace

Aimee in year 3 was excited to receive a letter from Buckingham Palace which she brought in to share with her class.

She was thanked on behalf of The Queen for being such a caring great-granddaughter and also received two photographs of The Queen, one for her great grandfather and one for herself>

Letter from Buckingham Palace


Welcome back everyone
Welcome back everyone

Everything you need for a smooth return to school

We are very much enjoying welcoming everyone back to school including all our new starters in Reception and other years.

For parents of children starting in Reception there is a wealth of extra information in our 'Starting school in 2020' section. All Reception parents have also received a letter detailing the attendance routine for their child.

Thorough planning is required to make sure that we comply with Government guidelines and do our best to alleviate any concerns that children or parents may be feeling. By the new school year, some children will have been away from the classroom for six months but we want to reassure them that, although different in some ways, school will still be a place where they will be cared for and have fun.

All parents have already received email from school confirming all the arrangements for their child, from Reception to Year 6. Please find copies of all these documents below. They contain full detail of procedures and expectations for September.

September update letter to parents: a reminder to parents of the procedures for September, including an update on face coverings and extra links to 'back to school' preparation resources (also included below on this page).Sept letter to parents Saltford primary.pdf

Letter to parents with final plans:  Saltford Letter to parents re Sept plans_primary FINAL.pdf is a detailed overview covering information such as our induction day, reopening date and where to access our full risk assessment.  It addresses queries about organising siblings in different zones. It is essential that we reduce ‘traffic’ on our school site and that parents model social distancing to the children when accessing the school site.

Full operating procedures for coming back to school in September: Saltford Primary School Oct opening procedures FINAL.pdf has full details on staffing, behaviour, circulation around school, wrap-around care, clubs, play, uniform, home equipment, school resources, food & drink, hygiene arrangements, cleaning arrangements, first aid & sickness, use of PPE, attendance, parental contact, dropping off and picking up, the curriculum and pastoral support.

Saltford's welcome back to school e-booklet to share with your child: online at or as a PDF file here.

Public Health England booklet about preparing to go back to school: Returning to primary school; what parents need to know

Government information and practical guidance for getting your child ready to return to school: Information for parents and carers about going back to schools, nurseries and colleges in the autumn term.

Phase bubbles

In order to accommodate a full timetable, and to ensure minimal contact between groups, we will create four 'phase bubbles' of Reception / Year One &Two / Year Three & Four and Year Five & Six.  Classes will remain separate from each other for the majority of the day.  We will bring phases together for periods of time, for example, playtimes, lunchtimes, wrap around care etc.  We will mitigate this risk by practising social distancing and have high expectations for hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene and increased cleaning.

Induction sessions

We feel it is important to allow sufficient time to ensure that the children understand the new procedures and systems that will be in place for their safety, in line with the advice from Public Health. To this end, we will be providing one-day induction sessions for them over the first two days of term (Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th September) and then all children and staff will be in full time from Monday 7th September.

Over the induction days, Years 1 – 6 will be coming in for one full day with staggered times and entrances; Reception children will have separate arrangements. All parents are being kept fully informed of the arrangements for their child(ren). All arrangements are outlined in this letter from Mrs Sage of 9th July. Please read on for more details.

Tuesday 1st and Wednesday 2nd September

Tuesday 1st and Wednesday 2nd September are both INSET days which will be used for staff training and planning in preparation for the start of term

Thursday 3rd September, years R, 1, 3 and 5 only

Year 1 from 8:45am – 3pm, entering and exiting via the main field gate.
Year 3 from 8:45am – 3pm, entering and exiting via the Claverton Road entrance.
Year 5 from 9am  – 3:15pm, entering and exiting via the field gate adjacent to Tiddlers Nursery.

Reception parents have details about their child's arrangements.

Friday 4th September, years R, 2, 4 and 6 only

Year 2 from 9am  – 3:15pm, entering and exiting via the main field gate.
Year 4 from 9am  – 3:15pm, entering and exiting via the Claverton Road entrance.
Year 6 from 9am  – 3:15pm, entering and exiting via the field gate adjacent to Tiddlers Nursery.

Reception parents have details about their child's arrangements.

If you have children in different age groups please drop your youngest child at their entrance and then accompany your eldest child round to their entrance. Years 5 and 6 will be entering the gate adjacent to Tiddlers nursery unaccompanied. 

Face coverings

The situation regarding the wearing of face coverings has changed and the government has issued new guidance to schools. The general advice is still that the government does not recommend that face coverings should be worn in primary schools because the measures in place provide sufficient protection and coverings have the potential to impact negatively on learning. It is still the case that children over the age of 11 are required to wear a face covering on public or school transport. We will of course keep this situation under review and take immediate action should the situation change.


The following maps will help you visualise pick up and drop off points: ReceptionYears 1 & 2Years 3 & 4Years 5 & 6.

School dinners

Due to distancing requirements it is not going to be possible to provide the usual cooked school meal service in September. However, our catering staff have already adapted while school was open during lockdown and can offer a full packed lunch for the usual school dinner price of £2.60. Please see the menu for September here.

The process for booking school dinners is unchanged: free school meals are available to Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 under the Universal Free School Meals scheme and to those eligible for benefits-related free school meals; Years 3 – 6 may purchase a lunch in the normal way through School Gateway. Please see the-office/#school-dinner-service for full details 

In case of illness in children or adults

Guidance has been issued to the entire school community. Here, anyone affected must stay at home if they (or their family members) have any of the following symptoms: a high temperature, a new continuous cough, a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste. OR they have tested positive for coronavirus in the last 7 days. Those affected must follow government stay at home guidance as follows

Temperature testing is not recommended on its own. Guidance states that it is not a reliable method for identifying coronavirus. Our procedure will be that If anyone in the school becomes unwell with a new, continuous cough or a high temperature, or has a loss of, or change in, their normal sense of taste or smell (anosmia), they will be sent home and advised to follow ‘stay at home: guidance for households with possible or confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) infection’, which sets out that they must self-isolate for at least 7 days and should arrange to have a test to see if they have coronavirus (COVID-19). Other members of their household (including any siblings) should self-isolate for 14 days from when the symptomatic person first had symptoms. 

Please see the operating procedures document here for further detail.

Thank you

We would like thank families for their understanding and continuing support as we all get used to these changes. Throughout the planning process the safety of children and adults has been our overriding concern.

All our planning has been done in conjunction with the other primary schools in our trust and we have followed the trust’s risk assessment process in doing so. Our risk assessment has been reviewed and approved by the trust board and is available on the WMAT website.

Starting school in 2021?
Starting school in 2021?

School tour dates announced

We are proud of our school and welcome prospective new parents and children to see the school in action on one of the following tours:

  • Monday 21st September 2020 1.30 pm
  • Wednesday 23rd September 2020 9.30 am
  • Wednesday 23rd September 2020 11 am
  • Thursday 24th September 2020 1.30 pm
  • Tuesday 6th October 2020 9.30 am 
  • Friday 9th October 9.30 am
  • Monday 12th October 1.30 pm
  • Monday 19th October 2020 1.30 pm 

Tours are guided by our Head Teacher, Mrs Sage and usually last about an hour. Tours will be in small groups and will follow all the Covid related procedures. You will see the school as it really is and have the opportunity to ask plenty of questions.

To book your place or to register your interest for a different date, please contact the school office by e-mail:

Thank you to Saltford Scrubs
Thank you to Saltford Scrubs

Community support for return to school

We would like to thank the Saltford Scrubs for NHS group who have provided school staff with 28 sets of scrubs, 10 laundry bags and 10 toiletry bags. These were all offered and made really quickly and with plenty of flair! Miss Jupp and Mr Styles model some here:

Saltford staff wear donated scrubs

This group, headed by Tanya Oliver and Angela Ashworth, was created very quickly to respond to the urgent requirement for PPE in some sectors of the community. They have provided over 1095 items in 5 weeks, all done in a great spirit of positivity and collaboration. These items have included scrubs, gowns and masks. 

Any contribution no matter how big or small was welcome; some women were sewing nearly all day, some fitted in what they could. Skills with spreadsheets, communications, washing, ironing, cutting, packing and delivering were all valuable and made the whole effort so productive and so creative.

Beneficiaries have included local care homes, doctors' surgeries and, in collaboration with the hot meals service run by the Saltford Community Association, masks were delivered to nearly 100 Saltford residents.

So thank you to one part of the community from another.

Managing COVID19 for school-age children

Public health information

Test and trace service

Anyone who tests positive for coronavirus will be contacted by NHS Test and Trace and will need to share information about their recent interactions.

People identified as having been in close contact with someone who has a positive test must stay at home for 14 days, even if they do not have symptoms, to stop unknowingly spreading the virus.

Please see further information on the NHS Test and Trace service here: and all government information on getting tested here:

Please see below further information from Public Health B&NES. If you have any questions regarding this information please email the B&NES Public Health Team at

Procedures in the case of a suspected or confirmed case of Covid 19

The following charts from Public Health B&NES set out the procedures that will be followed if there is a suspected or confirmed case of Covid 19 in a school, including contact details for testing and reporting:

Educational and childcare settings flowchart

Contacting the local health protection team (HPT)

Covid 19 testing for the under 5s

Following the extending of Covid19 testing to under 5s, please see the following frequently-asked questio.

Covid 19 FAQ

Regarding the extending of Covid19 testing to under 5s, here are some answers to frequently asked questions, from the Department of Health and Social Care:

  • Why could Under 5s not be tested up until now?
    • It was necessary to review and validate the existing supply of testing swabs in order to ensure that they could be clinically approved for the testing over Under-5s. This has now been complete and the extension of eligibility is now appropriate.
  • Aren’t the testing swabs used for adults unsafe for Under-5s?
    • We have followed updated clinical guidance throughout on the suitability of testing swabs for use on children under the age of 5. This is being supplemented by updated instructions for parents and guardians of those under 5.
  • Why are Scotland and Wales not able to test Under5s:
    • Testing eligibility is the responsibility of each individual Devolved Administration.
  • Will it hurt/cause them harm?
    • It is possible that children may experience some mild discomfort, but it should not hurt. 
  • Who carries out the test?
    • Children under 5 must have the test performed by a parent or guardian.
  • How do I book a test for my under 5 child?
    • You can ask for a test online at:
    • We'll ask you:
      • how you want to get the test – you may be able to choose between driving to a regional testing site or getting a home test kit
      • for details such as your name, mobile phone number and address
    • The Coronavirus Testing Call Centre is available to assist eligible individuals through the process of booking and taking a test for Coronavirus. The Call Centre handles all enquiries about the testing process, from how someone books an appointment, to what they do upon receipt of their result. 
    • The Coronavirus Testing Call Centre can be contacted on 119  between 7am and 11pm.
    • The service can be accessed by people with hearing or speech difficulties by calling 18001 119.
  • How will their results be shared?
    • When a child takes a test, their parent/guardian will be told how results will be passed to them. This may be by email or by text or both.  We are aiming to return results within 48 hours of tests taken at regional test sites and 72 hours for home tests.
Sustainable travel for Saltford

B&NES leader impressed by our progress

On Wednesday 29th April, Mr Boyle was invited, on behalf of Saltford School, to talk about the work we have been doing on sustainable travel and to showcase the work of our fantastic Green Team.

The local council’s Sustainability Team wanted to give Will Godfrey, the new Chief Executive of Bath and North East Somerset Council, a ‘tour’ of the work going on in B&NES and to hear about some of the work happening to tackle the Climate Emergency. In the presentation, Mr Boyle explained the exciting events and ongoing activities our wonderful children and staff are doing at school to protect the environment and preserve our beautiful world for generations to come.

The chief executive, Will Godfrey, and the council members were hugely impressed by the fantastic work happening at Saltford School and thanked the children and staff for their amazing efforts. It was remarked that it sends out a hugely positive message.

A huge well done to all the wonderful children and staff of Saltford School for an amazing team effort. You can read Mr Boyle's full report here to see how all the activities we do at school add up to making a real difference to our environment.

Covid-19 Community response

Community hub to match volunteers and those in need of help

Saltford Community Association (SCA), the Parish Council (PC) and associated local organisations* quickly set up a support hub for Saltford residents who may be in need of help, to match them with offers of help from volunteers. This provides a single phone number and email address to contact if you need help in some way. Call 01225 632216.

Please see our Community notices page for up-to-date information on the activities of the Community Hub:

If you need help

If you need help, please call 01225 632216 or email

Beware of Covid-19 scams

According to the Online Watch Link, fraudsters are exploiting the spread of COVID19 to facilitate various types of fraud. Please remember:

  • Watch out for scam messages. Don't click on links or attachments in suspicious emails
  • Never respond to unsolicited messages and calls that ask for your personal or financial details
  • Exercise the same caution that you normally would and don't allow anyone unfamiliar into your property, even if they are offering to help
  • To report a fraud or scam: / 0300 123 2040

Community representatives

*The key community representatives who are regularly liaising regarding Saltford’s response to the COVID-19 situation include representatives of Saltford Parish Council, Saltford Community Association, Saltford Primary School, St Mary’s Church, the Saltford Day Centre, Saltford Community Post Office and Library, Day Lewis Pharmacy, Saltford Food Bank, Clarkson’s Independent Funeral Directors as well as the B&NES Saltford Ward Councillors.

Gym winners
Gym winners

Congratulations to Reception and year 1 after-school club gymnasts who took part in the Kingswood schools competition on Sunday 15th March. All gymnasts won individual medals and came first in the team event winning a gold cup for  Saltford. The year 2s also did a great job and finished in 3rd place.

Mrs Cary says "well done everyone!"

Gymnastics win for Saltford School children

Our world matters
Our world matters

How can we protect it?

During this special themed week, starting on Monday 9th March, the whole school will be involved in activities to help us think about how precious our world and natural resources are to us, and how we can look after them for the future.

Through a range of interesting and enjoyable activities, we'll be discussing recycling, climate change and fair trade among other things.

We will be considering our immediate environment and taking small steps that are within our control, such as coming to school without a car, enjoying the benefits of walking, cycling and scooting to school. In return for choosing 'active travel' on Wednesday 11th March, children in KS2 will enjoy a healthy and nutritious breakfast including homemade smoothies, and plenty of other goodies, along with fruit, juices and yogurts. All the details are in the well-being breakfast letter that has been sent to parents.

We would also like to encourage the children to ‘bling’ their bikes and scooters on the same Wednesday for the chance to win a prizes including a cycle helmet, back packs, cycle bells and hi-viz jackets. The only limit is your imagination.

With a focus on reducing waste, we are mounting a waste-free lunch challenge through the week. You can see full details and suggestions here.

We'll also be thinking about people living in different parts of the world and what role we have to play in being a global citizen. We hope to hear all about the work of Water Aid investigate different habitats and ecosystems from around the globe.

If you have any ideas for activities, or links for further information, we would be grateful if you would get in touch with us.

On Monday we had an Assembly from Wessex Water to highlight the important of water to our daily lives together with informing the children about what should and should not be flushed down the toilet and the consequences.


The swimming pool was also filled with plastic bottles to highlight the use of single use plastics and their effect on polluting the Oceans. The children were given an opportunity to visit the pool to reflect on this image and then given an opportunity to express their thoughts in writing.


On Wednesday we had an Active Travel breakfast where the children  in KS2 were encouraged to come to school without a car, enjoying the benefits of walking, cycling and scooting to school. In return for choosing 'active travel' children enjoyed a healthy and nutritious breakfast including homemade smoothies, and plenty of other goodies, along with fruit, juices and yogurts.

The children were also encouraged to ‘bling’ their bikes and scooters that day and were awarded prizes  for the best 'bling' including a cycle helmet, back packs, cycle bells and hi-viz jackets.

Well done to the winner Cam H in Class RJ whose bike represented the continents of the world to highlight the need to save endangered species with the beautiful snow leopard decorating his handle bars.  The runner up was Ella W in Class AB for her imaginative scooter decoration - unfortunately Ella was unable to collect her prize on the day but was represented by Olivia B in Class AB. 

All the children who enterred the competition were awarded a small prize.


On Thursday we had an Assembly lead by Ian Freemantle and Frances Eggbear from Saltford Fairtrade to promote fairtrade at school using educational materials from the fairtrade site.


On Friday Year 4 visited the Saltford Water Recycling Centre in Mead Lane. The children were given a tour of the works as well as carrying out an investigation activity whilst there.


Children will be writing a pledge of one thing tht they will try to do to help ‘our world’.


Mr Jenkins said, "The children across the school really took a great interest in all the interesting and enjoyable activities we discussed with them this week, including recycling, climate change and fair trade among other things. I would like to thank the parent volunteers who walked with us and helped the children at the Recycling Centre. Finally we would like to thank James Lovell and Gillian Smith from Wessex Water and Ian Freemantle and Frances Eggbear from Saltford Fairtrade for working with us on this themed week and for making it a very special experience for the children."

We welcomed Ofsted to Saltford School
We welcomed Ofsted to Saltford School

Ofsted visit 15th May

On 15th May we welcomed Ofsted Inspector, Mrs Wendy Marriott, for the day. We were pleased to be able to share with her all that makes our school the special place that it is. We are delighted that the final report recognises all the excellent work going on here at Saltford Primary.

We have maintained our status as a ‘good’ school. The grading cannot be changed as a result of a one-day inspection. Therefore we are very pleased that the inspector recognised that, since our last inspection in May 2013, we have

‘demonstrated strong practice and marked improvement in specific areas’.

As the inspector recognised that the school has improved significantly overall since our ‘good’ grading she has recommended a further section 5 inspection.

Mrs Sage has thanked all the parents, our fantastic children and our dedicated staff for their hard work and commitment. This has all contributed to making Saltford School an outstanding place for learning, working and succeeding.

You can read the Ofsted report here and Mrs Sage’s letter to parents here.

The inspector recognised the considerable strengths of the school but also recognised the improvement plans we have in place and the positive impact these will continue to have. This demonstrates that we know and understand our strengths and areas to continue to improve.

We are especially proud of the many positive comments that included:

‘Together with your senior leadership team and skilled governing body, you have accomplished the school’s aim of bringing about high-quality leadership and teaching.’

‘You now have a skilled and effective team of subject leaders across the full range of national curriculum subjects.’

‘The standard of pupils’ reading and writing is high and supports their good access to learning in other subjects.’

In maths: ‘Pupils’ work and visits to classes now show that teachers’ consistently high expectations and very effective teaching strategies have rectified the weakness in problem solving…’

The children and staff were amazing ambassadors. A particular highlight was the confidence with which the children spoke to the inspector, explaining how we keep them safe and them knowing who they can speak to should they need help.

We were also overwhelmed by the positive response to the parental survey. One parent echoed the view of others by saying: ‘In my opinion Saltford is an exceptional school.’

Mrs Sage has pledged to parents that we will continue to focus on raising standards and ensuring that children who attend Saltford School are given the very best education. To that end, parents have been sent a letter asking them to complete a questionnaire for parents that will inform school's direction. Also, we would like to remind parents that you can share your thoughts about our school with Ofsted at any time by going to Parent View.

Former pupil gains First in History

Louis Nicholson-Pallett off to Oxford

A former pupil of Saltford School, Louis Nicholson-Pallett (2001 - 2008) has graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in History from Royal Holloway College, London and will be off to Oxford in September to undertake a Masters at Queen's College.  Louis thanks all his former teachers at Saltford for embedding a love of learning at an early age.  Congratulations Louis from all the staff at Saltford Primary School.

Former pupil achieves a First in Chemistry

Interest in Chemistry starts at Primary School

Will Loney, a pupil at Saltford School from 2004 - 2011, has just been awarded a first in his Masters Degree in Chemistry from the University of Bristol.  Will developed a love of learning at Saltford School and went on to achieve fantastic GCSE and A level grades at Wellsway School.  Well done Will, your former teachers are very proud of you.