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Update for keyworkers 27th May

Childcare provision from 8th June

The government has asked schools to continue to prioritise the provision for key workers. We will continue to provide this service, from 9am – 3pm, five days a week. Key worker parents will be given a choice whether to send their child back to school with their year group or to keep them in the key worker provision. Children will not be able to move between these groups.

It is possible, dependent on numbers, that the provision for children returning to Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 will not be full time. By registering a child who attends Reception, Year 1 or Year 6, for the key worker provision you are agreeing that they will be placed within this provision and not with their returning year group. This key worker provision will continue to be full time.

Please register by using this form: Request for Childcare Provision 8th June - 15th June.

Summary of home learning help

What is on our website and where you will find it

Here’s a guide to the information we have put together at Saltford School to help guide families through the mass of resources and information that is available.

    1. Online learning platforms Seesaw and Tapestry
      Seesaw for Years 1 – 6: this is where the core essential tasks will be posted each day by your child’s class teacher. This is the main platform for home-school learning. Reception teachers and families are using Tapestry.

    2. The Home Assisted Learning page on the school website contains a summary of links to all the other resources such as Seesaw, important daily activities such as Doodle Maths, and class and curriculum pages on our website. It also features
      • activities and resources made available for learning at home that are recommended by our teaching staff. These are divided by subject area
      • Special projects and competitions such as Mrs Sage's projects and the WMAT's competitions
      • Specific information for SEN pupils
      • A link to assembly material
      • Links to class and curriculum pages

    3. Class pages contain the term's letter from your class teacher. For Years 1 - 6 each class page also gives a link to a home learning grid that will be updated weekly to help structure the week's learning, and a link to a topic activity grid for term 5. These will be referenced in the work set through Seesaw. EYFS classes will be uploading home learning projects and other useful links and sharing work through Tapestry.

    4. The Assemblies page is designed to provide stories and activities that would have been shared and enjoyed during assembly time at school.

    5. Curriculum pages give recommended links for the subject area, suitable for all key stages, and an overview of the subject and how it is taught. Each subject leader has added a ‘Resources to use at home’ section in response to the current Covid-19 situation.

Please remember that we love to see what you’ve been doing at home so please keep emailing us at

Essential worker childcare provision

Registration and information

Saltford Primary School is being used as a site for local key workers' children. If you are a key worker and would like to register your child to come into school, please use the online forms below:

Request for Childcare Provision Monday 8th June - Friday15th June.

Request for Childcare Provision: Monday 1st June - Friday 5th June to be completed by Tuesday 26th May.

Request for half term childcare provision for Monday 25th May - Friday 29th May to be completed by Tuesday 19th May.

Request for Childcare Provision: Monday 18th May - Friday 22nd May to be completed by Wednesday 13th May.

If you are a key worker and you have any enquiries regarding schooling of your child/ren, please contact the Wellsway MAT by emailing Please see the key worker list for further information on those parents/carers who are eligible to access our childcare provision.

Saltford School key workers' children: Seesaw has been introduced to help children who are learning at home through the Coronavirus restrictions. Children who are still coming to school should bring their Seesaw login details with them. We understand that the situation is different for those key workers' children, so please see the advice here on school expectations with regard to work set on Seesaw.

Key workers with children still coming to school must please also ensure that any child who has, or develops, a new cough or a temperature, must not attend school. This is essential. As we work to keep our schools serving our communities, we do need the support and co-operation of families to ensure that children remaining in a school setting are not exposed to those with symptoms.

If you or your child feel ill and you want to know what to do next, please check the information on our website here for all the latest links

Please note the message from the government that ‘children who can stay at home, should stay at home’.

Sustainable travel for Saltford

B&NES leader impressed by our progress

On Wednesday 29th April, Mr Boyle was invited, on behalf of Saltford School, to talk about the work we have been doing on sustainable travel and to showcase the work of our fantastic Green Team.

The local council’s Sustainability Team wanted to give Will Godfrey, the new Chief Executive of Bath and North East Somerset Council, a ‘tour’ of the work going on in B&NES and to hear about some of the work happening to tackle the Climate Emergency. In the presentation, Mr Boyle explained the exciting events and ongoing activities our wonderful children and staff are doing at school to protect the environment and preserve our beautiful world for generations to come.

The chief executive, Will Godfrey, and the council members were hugely impressed by the fantastic work happening at Saltford School and thanked the children and staff for their amazing efforts. It was remarked that it sends out a hugely positive message.

A huge well done to all the wonderful children and staff of Saltford School for an amazing team effort. You can read Mr Boyle's full report here to see how all the activities we do at school add up to making a real difference to our environment.


Introducing Seesaw for home learning

What is Seesaw?

We are very pleased to introduce Seesaw as an important tool for us to provide education for our children during these times of uncertainty.

Seesaw is a secure online learning environment for children that provides a platform for communication between children, parents and school. It supports creative learning by enabling use of photos, videos, drawing and notes.

All families will have received an introductory letter that outlines what teachers and parents can expect from this new platform, how to get started and how any privacy and safeguarding concerns are covered.

How does it work?

When you first activate your account you will find a short video from your child's class teacher saying hello and welcoming you to Seesaw.

From Monday 4th May, three tasks will be uploaded at 7am on every school day onto your child's seesaw page. These will be an English task, a Maths task and a topic task. Please complete these tasks when you can and submit them to your teacher. They will respond to your work with a like or a comment within school hours.

Seesaw tasks will also include newsletter challenges, Mrs Sage's special project and refer to the topic grid you were sent at the beginning of the term and that you can find on your child's class page.

We will suggest ways to respond but if you work in a different way, please do submit your work in this format. We appreciate not everyone will have access to/want to work on devices all the time.

Don't forget that, in addition, we still have paid subscriptions to Doodle Maths and English and TTRockstars and Numbots which are excellent resources to keep your learning going.

Help for parents

You can see an introductory guide for parents here and watch the video that Miss Davis has made to help parents through using Seesaw for the first time:

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