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Sienna lops her lockdown locks
Sienna lops her lockdown locks

Supporting the Little Princess Trust

Sienna in Class NJ, has decided to raise money for the charity the Little Princess Trust which supports children who have cancer.

Charity hair cut She will be cutting off about 12 inches of her lovely, long hair and donating it to the charity, where it will be used to make wigs for children that have lost their hair during cancer treatment. Sienna said "I am cutting my hair for charity to raise money for children with cancer. I feel excited to donate my hair for other children who need it more than me."

We are very proud of Sienna for deciding to do this and for thinking of other children who are going through a really difficult time.

If you would like to donate to the cause, here is the link to her Just Giving page:

Isla wins commission for forest art
Isla wins commission for forest art

Poetry and sculpture to enhance the forest

Isla in class PN and her Dad, Robin, have been commissioned to create collaboratively a sculpture for the Forest of Dean Sculpture Trail

They thought up ideas, visited the site, wrote a proposal together and won the commission based on their joint ideas. 

It's Isla's first proper sculpture / art commission and daughter and father are taking it very seriously. We hear she is super excited! We are super-proud.

See lots more information and a lovely picture in this article:

World Book Day 2021
World Book Day 2021

Bookmark competition… prizes to be won!

World Book Day at Saltford School

We've been celebrating the importance of books in a variety of ways this year.

All children will receive their digital voucher on Tapestry or Seesaw. It can be redeemed up until 28th March. There are also free audiobooks available until 28th March from

There are live events available through the World Book Day website, and in Reception and KS1 we'll be participating in 'Share a Story Corner'.

Can you work out the Masked Reader? Watch the video below to see if you can work out who is The Star, The Football, The Croissant, The Alien and The Burger as they read you a blurb from one of their favourite books.

 It's Day Two of The Masked Reader. Who is behind the coffee cup, smiley face, tree, fried egg, toadstool and cupcake?

 It's Day Three of The Masked Reader. Can you guess the identity of The Love Heart, The Sunshine, The Birthday Present, The Bunch of Flowers and The Cool Kid?

Please see our World Book Day summary here.

Bookmark design competition.

In celebration of World Book Day we launched Saltford School’s bookmark design competition with prizes of a £10 book token! 

We thank Mr B’s Emporium of reading delights for their kind donation of the prize vouchers.

Congratulations to all who entered the PTA Bookmark competition. Winners were announced on World Book Day.

The winners are: Freddie A (RH), Larissa T(Bumblebees), Claudia G (CM) and Maya A (JSB) . All winners will receive their bookmark vouchers. Liv R (MN) deserves a special mention for her detailed drawings of the characters from the BFG.

Thank you to all those who entered, we really hope you enjoyed participating. We would like to give special thanks to Garry Abson, Jen Faulkner and Kate Simants for taking the time to judge the competition, to Miss Davis for helping to coordinate and of course to Mr B’s Book Emporium for kindly donating the book vouchers. The school would especially like to thank Laura Tallo for organising this wonderful competition.

World Book Day bookmark competition flyer

Penguin party
Penguin party

Bringing Reception together at the South Pole

EYFS penguin partyAll our Reception children were invited to join together from school and from home to party like a penguin. We had been busy preparing by doing penguin-related work such as making fact files, penguin models and penguin hats. When it came time to party, Mrs Browne led all the fun for us! We did penguin dancing, penguin egg transportation and fish blowing games and some ribbon dancing to make the southern lights!

EYFS penguin party EYFS penguin party EYFS penguin party 

We were very glad to hear from some parents how much the children had enjoyed the party. Comments from key worker parents included:

‘Ahhh so lovely to see them all enjoying themselves. Thank you so much, L has been so engaged in this topic, so excited about today.’

Messages also came from parents with children at home: ‘We all enjoyed watching the children have a little fun this afternoon. Thank you!’ ‘E really enjoyed the penguin party this afternoon, especially seeing all the teachers and her friends’.

EYFS penguin party EYFS penguin party EYFS penguin party EYFS penguin party EYFS penguin party EYFS penguin party EYFS penguin party EYFS penguin party

Safer Internet Day 2021 Tuesday 9th February
Safer Internet Day 2021 Tuesday 9th February

'Exploring reliability in the online world'

On this year's Safer Internet Day, the call goes out to everyone to join together and play their part in creating a better internet for everyone, and especially for younger users.

Safer Internet Day this year is Tuesday 9th February and the theme is 'An internet we trust: exploring reliability in the online world'. Each year Safer Internet Day is the biggest celebration of online safety in the UK. As a result of Safer Internet Day

  • 77% of young people said they felt more confident about what to do if they were worried about something online.
  • 78% said they know what to do if they, or someone they know, are targeted online because they are different in some way.
  • 19% said they spoke to someone about something that had been worrying them online.

Digi Duck for Safer Internet DayEYFS and KS1 will be learning about Detective Digi Duck. The aim is to encourage young children to start thinking about online content and help them understand that what they read or see online might be true, untrue, or simply someone's opinion.

KS2 will also be looking at what and who to trust online. They will focus on making sensible decisions online and how to check whether a source is trustworthy. Here is the link to the Virtual Assembly for KS2

BBC are broadcasting a live lesson on Tuesday 9th February. 

BBC Own It App: The app features a special keyboard which appears wherever a keyboard would normally surface and offers in-the-moment help and adivce on what a child is typing. It recognises if the child is typing something which might be upsetting to a recipient, if a a child types personal details and can even recognise language that might suggest a child is in trouble and offers them advice. 

NSPCC have useful information on their website on how to keep safe online during the pandemic. 

Here is a link to some videos for each age group to help them recognise reliability online.

Here are some additional online safety home materials:

4 -5 year olds remote online safety learning

5-7 year olds remote online safety learning

8-10 year olds remote online safety learning

You will find our February safety newsletter in the online safety section of the school website, which will give you further practical help and support and a special online safety newsletter for Safer Internet day here

Our online safety page contains lots of useful links for parents and children. Let's keep the conversation going all year.

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