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Welcome meetings 2023

Parent meetings for the new school year

We hold welcome meetings for each year group starting at 5pm in the hall so that parents can meet the class teacher and talk through the year ahead.

The meetings start at 5pm in the hall and the dates are as follows:

Y6 Wednesday 6th Sept
Y5 Thursday 7th Sept
Y1 Monday 11th Sept
Y2 Tuesday 12th Sept
Y4 Wednesday 13th Sept

The "Welcome to KS2" meeting took place on 3rd July for parents of children going into Y3 in September 2023.

The presentations from the meetings, as well as the usual class letters and subject overviews, will all be available on your child's class page.

Cake & uniform sales and book swap
Cake & uniform sales and book swap

Monthly chance to buy pre-loved uniform & tasty cakes and swap a book for free

The money raised from each cake sale goes to that class who can then choose the toys and games they would like for their classrooms, so please support your class. The PTA will also be selling nearly new school uniform at very attractive prices and there will be a free book swap available at the same time.

For the book swap, children can donate their pre-loved books anytime in the box outside the school office. On the cake sale days, children can come into the hall and help themselves to a new book of their choice for free. This is not a fundraising event, just a way to encourage the children to share books and encourage recycling.

Friday 22nd September 2023: Year 1
Friday 20th October: Year 6
Friday 24th November: Year 3
Friday 19th January 2024: Year 2
Friday 8th March: Year 4
Friday 3rd May: Reception
Friday 5th July: Year 5

Classes are paired in year groups for the sales which take place monthly on a Friday in the hall from 3.15 – 3.30 pm. The uniform sales and book swap take place in the hall at the same time.

Please bring in cakes on the morning of the sale. The children should leave them on the left hand library shelf. If you need your container back, please ensure it is labelled and collect it from the library the followiong Monday.

There are children in school with severe life-threatening nut, lentil and seed allergies so please do check your cakes carefully. If you are donating gluten free/ dairy free or vegetarian cakes, please ensure they are clearly labelled.

Please bring change if you are purchasing cakes and encourage older children to go along to the cake sale independently to keep the queues down to the minimum. Thank you for your support.

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