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Swimming in term six 2024
Swimming in term six 2024

Swimming begins Monday 3rd June

Swimming for term 6 will start week commencing 3rd June. The current timetable is here.

Helpers needed for this activity

Volunteers are essential to support this activity and we would be very grateful if you could consider if you are able to help.  All volunteers must hold a DBS certificate with this school. For your DBS still to be valid, you must have helped in school in any capacity within the last 3 months. If this is not the case and there has been a gap longer than 3 months, you will need to reapply for your DBS.

If you do not hold a current DBS for this school, it needs to be organised prior to your volunteering.  If this applies to you, please contact the school office for an application pack as soon as possible.

If you are signed up to help, or are wondering what is involved with regard to safety, please read the current guidelines for swimming helpers here

Quick links to helper sign-up sheets

There is an electronic sign-up sheet for each class which shows the number of helpers required and how many spaces are available. When you offer to help you will be asked for your first and last name, email address and phone number. You cannot proceed without this. Personal details are not used for anything other than running the site. Please see more information about volunteersignup and privacy below.

Bumblebees: Mon 10.30–12noon

Butterflies: Tue 10.30–12noon

Apple Class: Weds 1.30–3pm 

Pear Class: Thurs 1.30–3pm

Palm Class: Tues 1.30–3pm

Cherry Class: Mon 1.30–3.00pm

Sycamore Class: Weds 9.00–10.30am

Maple Class: Tues 9.00–10.30am

Lime Class: Weds 10.30–12noon

Willow Class: Mon 9.00–10.30am 

Elm Class: Fri 9.00–10.30am

Horse Chestnut Class: Fri 10.30–12 noon

Ash Class: Thurs10.30–12.00 noon

Oak Class: Thurs 9.00–10.30am

Electronic sign-up and privacy

We have used the volunteer sign up website many times before. When you offer to help you will be asked for your first and last name, email address and phone number. You cannot proceed without this. Personal details are not used for anything other than running the site. The website’s privacy notice is available here:

Kit reminder

The current timetable is here. Please take note of when your child/children will be swimming to ensure that they have the appropriate clothing available on their swimming day as we do not have the capacity to contact home for forgotten kit with so many children swimming. NB: No jewellery is to be worn. The required kit is:

  • A one-piece swimming costume or trunks – no bikinis
  • A named towel
  • A named swimming hat (use permanent marker to name)
  • A waterproof bag to be sent in with the child’s swimming kit weekly
  • Goggles are not compulsory but may be worn if preferred. They must be named.


Eco Week
Eco Week

13th – 17th May

From 13-17 May, we will be holding an ‘Eco-Week’, with an emphasis on the outdoor environment and sustainability. This will culminate in the Primary Futura Eco-Summit, which will take place on Friday 17th May, where all Primaries across the Trust will carry out eco-activities and have the opportunity to share what they’ve done.

Our EYFS and KS1 children will have the opportunity to enjoy a carbon neutral, plant based, no single-use plastic school lunch on the Friday. We encourage you to think about the same guidelines for packed lunches also.

For KS2, this day coincides with our Ascension Day walk which will include some eco-themes this year. We encourage our KS2 children to bring an environmentally friendly packed lunch to enjoy at the top of the hill! During the week, there will be a House afternoon (Thursday 16th May), which will include eco-friendly outdoor activities, as well as other eco-friendly lessons across the school. Green Team will share some information about Energy Sparks – an organisation that supports us to use energy in school more efficiently.

Habitat competition

We would also like to encourage the children to think about nature at home and invite them to take part in the Futura Eco Summit Habitat Competition – to create habitats in gardens or on windowsills. See the poster on the right for details and ideas. We look forward to seeing how creative they can be! Send your photos and descriptions to Mrs Spincer by Wednesday 15th May by emailing

Eco summit habitat competition Saltford

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