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Colour run at school
Colour run at school

Friday 12th July from 2pm

Children will run around a course set up on the sports day field being thrown powder paint to run through. They will also be given a paint bag at the end to throw in a designated ’paint area’.

The entry fee is £5 per child and you will be asked to sign a waiver when purchasing a ticket.

It will be messy! Children must wear old clothes – white T-shirts are suggested so they show up the paint. There will be a mufti day at school on Friday 12th. Children must also bring eye protection such as glasses, sunglasses or swimming goggles. Without this they cannot run.

The paint is safe and it will wash off. Do bring a towel for your  journey home.

The event is taking place during school hours. Children must be picked up by a designated parent/carer before they do the run and they can go straight home afterwards.

EYFS children must have a designated parent/carer accompany them during the run (beware you may get messy, so wear old clothes yourself). KS1 and KS2 children must have a designated parent spectating (as they will be leaving school straight after the event). Children are not allowed back into school afterwards.

Children participating in the run will be waiting for their designated parent/carer on the top field in classes. Please come through the main school entrance to collect them. The back entrance to the school will be locked during this event.

You can allocate another parent to be the designated parent/carer of your child during this race. You will need to name them when you sign

Time slots have been allocated as follows:

EYFS 2 – 2.20pm

Year 1 & 2 2.20 – 2.40pm

Year 3 & 4 2.40 – 3.00pm

Year 5 & 6 3.00 – 3.20pm

Please arrive promptly to ensure your children can run with their class mates, and allow a smooth flow for the children.

Chuckles children should please bring a spare change of clothes for afterwards!

Summer fair 2024
Summer fair 2024

Saturday 15th June at 12 – 3pm

This year's theme is The Paris Olympics 2024. Please also check the PTA Facebook page for up to date information and the Summer Fair lowdown letter from the PTA.

Bake-off is back for 2024

This year’s theme is the Great Olympic Bake-off, which gives the children full encouragement to go bold with their designs, colours and flavours!

Categories are:

  •       Reception – Biscuits
  •       Years 1 – 2 Cupcakes
  •       Years 3 – 4 Tray Bake
  •       Years 5 – 6 Celebration Cake

Entries will be judged on: Theme/Overall Presentation/Texture/Taste All baked items will be judged by Sally Turner and Headteacher Dawn Sage on Friday 14th June, prior to the fair, with the winning entries announced at the Summer Fair on Saturday 15th June. Get your full guidelines here and your entry form here. Happy baking!

Bumper raffle!

There are some fabulous prizes in this year's raffle. Who wouldn’t want to win a new 10.2" iPad or vouchers worth £100s for local attractions, restaurants, shops and services? Tickets are £1 each or £5 for a book. If you need more tickets to sell or buy, please ask at the school office. Please return all raffle tickets, stubs and money to the school office by Friday 14th June. Tickets will still be on sale at the information desk at the fair, and the draw will take place at the end of the fair.

Why not volunteer to help here?

Please click on the below links to volunteer. This is a great opportunity to get involved to help the PTA raise funds that will benefit all of the children at Saltford primary school. Without your help we would not have been able to raise over £22,000.00 last year. If you would like to join the PTA planning team please speak to someone at the info desk. 

Reception class Bumblebee:

Reception class Butterfly:

Y1 Apple & Pear:

Y2 Palm:

Y2 Cherry:

Y3 Sycamore:

Y3 Maple:

Y4 Lime & Willow:

Y5 Elm:

Y5 Horse Chestnut:

Y6 Oak & Ash:

Friday 14th June night prep from 3.30 - 7pm:

Saturday 15th June pre-fair (10 - 11.30am) and post-fair (3-4pm):

Face painting:

On the day…

Please invite your friends and family and bring plenty of change! There will be a programme of the day, including a map, info about all stalls, events and timings. Vouchers that can be bought for using cards can be purchased at the info desk and bar. These can be redeemed at all school stalls . 

Mufti Day Friday 7th June

In exchange for the children wearing their own clothes to school, we ask for donations of bottles and/or chocolate for the tombolas which are always extremely popular. Thank you in anticipation of your generous support.

Drawing competition

Congratulations to Otto whose illustration won this year's colouring competition and Toby who was our runner up.

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