Parent voice group

About the Parent Voice Group

What we do

The Parent Voice Group (PVG) is made up of up to two parent representatives for each class. Representatives would serve for an academic year.

Being a representative is an important role, giving you a chance to shape the children's school experience. The PVG representative’s role is to bring to the meeting any general areas that have been raised by other parents of the class for whom s/he is the representative. Common themes will be taken back to the leadership team.

The group will focus on social and academic issues specific to our school. They will also provide an opportunity for the school to seek parental response to any new developments.  We might also, for example, express our appreciation of parental help and involvement, and parents might tell us what things they like, what is going well and areas to develop.

Meetings should last about an hour and a set of agreed minutes would be circulated to all parents and made available below.

Please see the full terms of reference document here.

Who we are

Meet the representatives

These are your class representatives in this year's parent voice group. We thank you all for volunteering.

Bumblebee class:  Mrs J O'Neill and Mrs M Duffett

Butterfly class:  Mrs K Blanch and Mrs K Timmons

Apple class:  Mrs E Kinnear and Mrs R Piper

Pear class:   Dr K Franklin and Mrs Y Beaven

Palm class:  Ms K O'Brien

Cherry class:  Mrs S Gilmore

Sycamore class:  Mrs K Ward and Mrs J Eaton

Maple class:  Mrs L Briggs

Lime Class: Mrs C Baines-Dark

Willow class:  Mrs M Hamman and Dr J Cioroianu

Elm class:  Mrs B Sumsion

Horse chestnut class:  Mrs N Hodkinson

Ash class:  Mrs M Bleakley and Mrs A Andrews

Oak class:  Mrs A Hart