About the PTA

What we do

The events organised by the PTA are many and varied. Each year we hold the very popular Christmas and summer fairs which are the main fundraising events of the year. Recently we've added a firework display and a pizza making activity to the annual line-up of events. We also organise class cake sales, children’s discos and adult events. As well as providing fun and social occasions, these events help to raise funds to provide extra items of equipment for the school. Many years ago the school swimming pool was built and equipped by the PTA. More recently, purchases for the school have ranged from new computers and interactive whiteboards for each classroom, a new heater for the swimming pool, digital cameras and playground artwork.

The PTA also organises regular sales of second-hand uniform at reasonable prices. We also facilitate a monthly book swap event at school for children, where children can choose freely a new book from those that have been donated by our families.

We've raised...

The 2020/2021 school year was a very challenging year for fundraising. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the committee, parents, staff, and everyone who attends our PTA events - these produced income in the region of £8,300.  This is a fantastic achievement in the circumstances.

We've supported...

How has the money been spent so far? We are proud to have supported outdoor play by building a new sand pit and mud kitchen.  The PTA also funded forest school sessions for every child and treats such as a super pirates fun day and a snow machine at Christmas.  Each class has received new golden time games and toys and Key Stage 2 children have been given personal planners.  Donations towards new books has seen a significant boost to our reading scheme.  

See the full PTA constitution here.

Please join us!

All members of the PTA volunteer their time to attend meetings and organise events and we are always looking for extra help and new ideas. If you would like to become involved in PTA activities, we would love to hear from you no matter how big or small a contribution you are able to make. See our letter to new parents for an overview of how valuable our support is to the school, and how you may like to become involved.

Everyone benefits

It can help parents: 

  • improve the school and its facilities
  • get to know each other through taking part in a range of fun activities
  • share common concerns
  • find out more about how the school works
  • raise funds for extra items or services to enrich children’s education.

It can help children: 

  • receive a richer education as a result of items bought by the PTA
  • benefit from parents/carers' increased understanding of the school. 

It can help teachers: 

  • reach potential volunteers and enthusiasts who may help with school projects

Please join us!

All parents/carers and friends of the school are automatically members of the PTA. Active members volunteer their time to attend meetings and to organise events. If you would like to be involved we would love to hear from you, no matter how big or small a contribution you are able to make. If you would like to register an interest, share your ideas, or if you would simply like to be included on the PTA contact list so you are kept up-to-date with details of meetings, please email us at or leave your details with the school office.

PTA news

Here you will find news of events, PTA newsletters and meeting minutes

News on Facebook

Saltford School PTA has a facebook page where events and PTA information are advertised. It is a closed group and you will be asked for details of your child/ren's class before you can join:


Please keep an eye on the school news page for details of forthcoming events, including PTA meetings. Meetings are held in the evening.

The PTA has introduced an online purchasing system for ticketed events. You can get to the ticketing website here and see full instructions on how to set up your account here.

PTA meeting minutes

PTA meeting 13th June 2022

PTA meeting 9th May 2022

PTA meeting 14th March 2022

PTA meeting 10th January 2022

PTA AGM minutes 8th November 2021

PTA meeting 13th September 2021

PTA meeting 14th June 2021

PTA meeting 26th April 2021

PTA meeting 1st March 2021

PTA AGM meeting 9th November 2020

PTA meeting 14th September 2020

PTA meeting 2nd March 2020

PTA meeting 13th January 2020

PTA AGM minutes 11th November 2019

PTA meeting 9th September 2019

PTA meeting 10th June 2019

PTA meeting 29th April 2019

PTA meeting 4th March 2019

PTA meeting 14th January 2019

The committee

Meet our committee


Dawn Sage


Ali Williams


Ciara Fraser

Committee Members

Janet Allen, Anita Bignell, Amanda Hawkins, Rebecca Knight, Sarah MacNaughton, Jody Sparey, Emma Willett, Liz Sypko, Rajinder Boucher, Laura Tallo, Amy Andrews, Kathryn Hale Rowena Davis, Claire Harding, Sarah Thomas and Charlotte Seavill.


Help raise funds all year round with your online shopping

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Commission on your online shopping

You can use the Giving Machine link below to click through to your favourite online stores. We will earn commission for school for every purchase you make. Please spread the word to all your friends and family!

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The Giving Machine fundraising Saltford School

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Stickers and stamps

Please remember to use one of our listed companies for buying stickers, stamps or labels for your child's belongings. We earn commission through those purchases. More info in the 'Labels, stickers & stamps' section of our 'School notices' page here.