The office

Term dates

For academic years 2018 – 2019 and 2019 – 2020

2018 – 2019

Term 1

Start: Wednesday 5th September 2018
Finish: Friday 26th October 2018

Staff training days: Monday 3rd September & Tuesday 4th September

Term 2

Start: Tuesday 6th November 2018
Finish: Thursday 20th December 2018

Staff training day: Monday 5th November WMAT conference & Friday 21st December

Term 3

Start: Monday 7th January 2019
Finish: Friday 15 February 2019

Term 4

Start: Tuesday 26th February 2019
Finish: Friday 5 April 2019

Staff training day: Monday 25th February

Term 5

Start: Tuesday 23 April 2019
Finish: Thursday 23rd May 2019

Staff training day: Friday 24th May

Term 6

Start: Monday 3rd June 2019
Finish: Tuesday 23rd July 2019

A PDF document is available here if you would like to print the dates out.


Term 1

Start: Wednesday 4th September 2019
Finish: Friday 25th October 2019

Staff training days: Monday 2nd September & Tuesday 3rd September

Term 2

Start: Tuesday 5th November 2019
Finish: Friday 20th December 2019

Staff training day: Monday 4th November WMAT conference

Term 3

Start: Monday 6th January 2020
Finish: Friday 14th February 2020

Term 4

Start: Tuesday 25th February 2020
Finish: Friday 3rd April 2020

Staff training day: Monday 24th February

Term 5

Start: Monday 20th April 2020
Finish: Thursday 21st May 2020

Staff training day: Friday 22nd May

Term 6

Start: Monday 1st June 2020
Finish: Friday 17th July 2020

Staff training day: Monday 20th July

A PDF document is available here if you would like to print the dates out. 

School dinners
School dinners

Menu, free school meals and payment

B&NES catering services have agreed to accommodate changes to dinners requested by our school council.

Please have a look at the Saltford school menu here with your child when making your choices for the week ahead.

Dinner money payment

Dinner money is £2.60 per dinner. It is Zest Catering policy for dinners to be paid in advance.

Dinner money payments should be made through the School Gateway website or app. This allows full management of your child's dinner money account. Please see the letter for full details of the School Gateway payment system and how to use it.

Free school meals

All pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 in state funded schools in England qualify for Universal Free School Meals. If you qualify for some benefits, please register all your school aged children for free school meals, as doing so will attract significant additional funding for our school in the form of "pupil premium".

If you think you might be entitled to Free School Meals you can check the full information on the B&NES website:

If you would like to register directly, you can download the Free School Meals Registration Form, complete it and email it back to, or you can ask for a form from the school office.


Uniform guidance and ordering links

The school uniform colours are red and grey.


Please see the uniform policy for all requirements, including those for sports wear. It is essential that all items of uniform are clearly marked with your child’s name, even socks and shoes. However, lost items are placed in the lost property trunk which is in the infant corridor.

Our school uniform is available for direct ordering from Marks and Spencer, either by phone or online.  

You can place phone orders for on 0333 0148414 (8.00am to 9pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 4pm Saturday and Sunday).

For online ordering, go to and select Bristol & Wiltshire, or go directly to our Saltford School page here.

Please see the M&S information guide here. It contains all the information you need about ordering, delivery and sizes and measurement.

Sports wear

Please  see the uniform policy for all requirements for sports wear.  The red embroidered T shirts with our school logo can be either ordered online direct at or by visiting the uniform shop Harvem, Bath Hill, Keynsham. 



How to apply to Saltford School

Please use the Wellsway Multi Academy Trust (WMAT) admissions policy for in-year admissions.

Please refer to Bath & North East Somerset schools admissions information for all other admissions information.

See our Early Years section for an insight into your child's first experiences at Saltford School.


As a school we place great value on attendance as it has a strong direct link with your child’s achievement and well-being.

Saltford C of E Primary works alongside the Children Missing Education Service from Bath and North East Somerset Council who support our interventions and any legal action through penalty notices.

Penalty notices will be considered for:

  • Accumulated unexplained or unauthorised absences
  • Excessively delayed returns from holidays without prior agreement with the school
  • Cases of persistent and regular late arrival, after the register has closed.

We work hard, alongside parents/carers, to support and promote regular attendance and every session counts. Please see our attendance guidelines here and our attendance policy here.

Leave of Absence

Leave of absence request form and Penalty Notice Information - please download the request form, complete and return to the school office.  Please note this must be received no less than 2 weeks before the planned absence and an appointment made to discuss the request with the headteacher.  A copy of the Attendance Guide Leaflet is also available.


Use these links to skip to the relevant section: Letters, Documents, Forms


Summer term 2018

Extra-curricular clubs

Dinner Money Payments Year 2 Parents

FS/KS1 Summer Concert

Year 6 Leavers letter

Reception tea towels

Year 5 Athletics Festival

Year 6 Leavers T-shirts

PTA letter to new parents

Year 6 dinner money

LifeSkills visit July 2018

Welcome to Key Stage 2 Invitation letter

SS Great Britain visit

Ricky's Football Club term 6

Music tuition terms 1 & 2 autumn 2018

Magical Maths term 6

French Club term 6

FS/KS1 summer concert

KS2 informal instrumental concert

Wells Cathedral Year 6

NSPCC parents online safety workshop

NSPCC information for parents

Zest Introduction letter

Basketball Club Years 3 - 4

Basketball Club Year 5 - 6

Saltford School Tennis Club

Class Structure Letter September 2018

The Matthew visit Reception

Year 6 Celebration Breakfast

Cressida Cowell

People who help us 2018

Church visit letter Class NB

Big Pedal parents letter

Parent Questionnaire 2018

Ascension Day Walk KS2 2018

Spring term 2018

Year 5 drugs education

Year 5 summary of drugs education 

Year 6 health education

Wow workshop letter to Reception parents

Year 6 Camp detailed letter

French Club Term 5

Year 3 Cressida Cowell  Visit to SBL

Year 4 Indoor Athletics Festival

PTA Summer Fair Drawing Competition 2018

Saltford Golf Club Key Stage 2

Year 5 Camp letter incorporating camp meeting

Swimming questionnaire for Reception classes

Reception classes swimming letter 2018

Swimming letter 2018

Visitors in school code of conduct

Staff AUP

WMAT Disqualification by Association

UK CBRS Ltd letter

DBS Application form

Casual swimming helpers

Swimming timetable summer 2018

Saltford Heritage Centre

Debutots Term 5

Saltford School Orchestra

Easter Gardens 2018

Easter Lunch 2018

Mr Egypt letter

Avon and Somerset Police Letter 2018

Easter Bonnets

Parents evening letter 2018

Year 6 Dance Umbrella costume

Mollie Moon Sewing Club Terms 5 & 6

Year 4 Camp medical form

World Book Day 2018

Year 1 Chepstow Castle visit

Year 2 Chepstow Castle visit

Year 2 Multisports Wellsway

Year 5 Visit to Wellsway

Music Tuition Terms 5 & 6 2018

Year 2 IKB Visit

EYFS maths workshop for parents

KS1 castle theme activities

Consultation evening invitation letter

Parents' guide to online booking for consultation evening

Y6 use of WhatsApp advice 

Debutots for EYFS 

French club

Parents Forum invitation 

Year 1 Phonics Meeting 21st Feb 2018

Heritage Centre visit KS2 Sample letter

KS2 SATs parents' meeting Jan 2018

Year 6 Lifeskills Centre visit letter

Year 6 Camp payment letter

Year 5 Camp payment letter

Bristol Zoo 

Teach your monster to read

Year 6 SATS Information Evening letter

Hew Ewe! and A Christmas Carol DVD order letter

Year 4 Camp final letter

Autumn term 2017


Dance Umbrella Year 2 & Year 6

Jam Jar Letter

French Club Letter 2

Expression of interest french club

A Christmas Carol - Ticket letter Year 6

E-mail letter Class NB

E-mail letter Class RJ

E-mail letter Class ESMN

E-mail letter Class PNST

A Christmas Carol props and scenery workshops

Costume letter Class HR

Costume letter Class NB

Costume letter Class RJ

Costume letter Class ESMN

Costume letter Class PNST

Reverse Advent Calendar

Bikeability parent/carer information and consent

B&NES Bikeability 2017-2018

Bikeability Level 1 & 2 years 5 & 6

Bike Handling Skills Years 3 & 4

Spelling Letter

Music Tuition Spring Term 2018

Invasion Games

Mollie Moon Sewing Club expression of interest

Consultation Evening Letter 

Pantomime Visit 2018

WOW Workshop letter

Audition Letter

Spelling Letter Year One

Infant nativity play tickets information

Year 4 camp 2018 initial letter

Year 5 camp 2018 initial letter

Year 6 camp 2018 initial letter

Year 5 & 6 Visit to Mary Rose

Letter requesting help in the classroom September 2017

Department of Health national child measurement programme September 2017

KS1 visit to Warleigh Lodge Farm 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th Sept

Literacy workshop for Foundation Stage parents 28th Sept

Spellings for Year 2 September

Year 6 visit to Bath Literature Festival 5th Oct

Music tuition autumn terms 1 & 2 2017-18

Variety of extra-curricular clubs

Last academic year 2016-17

School vision and values letter

Keynsham food bank vouchers

Saltford food bank

SATs parents' evening follow up


Safeguarding information summary

Visitors in schools code of conduct

SIAMS report

Advice for parents on family holiday in term time 2017-18

School improvement plan key strategies 2017-18

Time capsule letter for new build

Saltford School PTA constitution 2016-17

Online payment system instructions

80 x 18 KS1 passport

80 x 18 KS2 passport

Home school agreement


Image Consent cover letter

Image Consent form

Parental request to administer medication

Casual swimming helpers form

Support staff application form (MS Word format)


All payments into school are made through the School Gateway system

School Gateway makes it easy for parents to pay at any convenient time and reduces the amount of cash being carried by children at school. It saves the school time, and money, by cutting administration.

Parents can make online payments via the School Gateway smartphone app or website. You can also view school dinner balances and top them up at any time. We will notify you by text or email when new items such as school trips or events are available for payment. Go to School Gateway here, or see this letter for a full explanation of how to get set up.  Details on how to track payments made via School Gateway can be found here. With effect from May 2018 the school will use School Gateway for non-payment activities and visits - please see the explanatory letter sent to parents here.

School notices

Useful tips for parents about school life

Absence through illness

If your child is unwell and unable to attend school, please ensure you telephone and leave a message on the absence line before 8.45am on the first and each subsequent day your child will not be in school. This will ensure that the correct absence code is marked against the attendance register. Please do not report absences by email.

Armed forces families

If you are a parent and a serving member of the Armed Forces, please ensure the school office is aware of this for our records.

Closure of school in the event of severe weather

A decision will be reached if the school is to close as soon after 7am as possible. All reasonable efforts will be made to ensure the school opens. The decision to close the school will be taken on the basis of the health and safety of the children and staff. The closure of the school will be logged on the B&NES school closures website.

A text will be sent to all parents, and details of the closure will be posted on the News page of the school website.


Should the school need to close during the school day all parents will be contacted by text message. Please ensure the school has the current mobile number for the main contact. Please ensure you collect your child, or make arrangements for another adult to collect your child, as soon as possible after receiving the text message.

Children can only be sent home if they are accompanied by an adult. Staff must be sure that parents of older children who come to school on their own will be at home before the children are allowed to leave school.

Collecting children from school in the afternoon

The front and back gate to the school will be opened at 3 pm. In order to keep the children safe, we cannot open the gates prior to this time. Thank you for your understanding.

If someone different is collecting your child, please ensure you advise the class teacher in the morning. If possible, please avoid calling the school office in the afternoon with a change to who will be collecting your child. The office is a very busy place all day and all changes to the usual routine have to be advised to the teachers via the intercom, which disrupts the learning of the whole class. 

If your child is un Upper Key Stage 2 and walks home from school unaccompanied on a regular basis, the school will require your written permission -  a copy of our Arrivals and Departures Policy which contains a reply slip for written permission can be found here.

Contact details for parents

Please remember how important it is to advise the school if any of your emergency contact details change. It is vital that the school records are kept up to date in case of an emergency.

Consultation evenings & booking system

It is our policy to let parents know the levels that their children are working at for reading, writing and maths from Year 1 onwards. However, we know this can be a confusing area for parents. Please see our assessment information here.

We have introduced an online booking system for consultation evenings at Parents are notified when bookings are open for the next consultation evenings. Please use the guide to using the online booking system.

Dogs on the school site

We have noticed that some parents are bringing dogs onto the school site. Dogs are not allowed on the school site. If you walk your child to school and bring the dog, please do not tie up your dog close to either the front or back gates. We have a number of children in the school who are afraid of dogs.

Health; school nurse

School nurses provide health-related support, advice and treatment to school age children and their families. For full information on the range of support available through school, please visit  Bath and North East Somerset Community Health and Care Services » School Nursing.

Letter Box

The School Letter Box (located to the right of the front door) is now in use.  Please post forms, letters and reply slips in the box, which now has a cage fitted to collect the post.  This will save you time queuing in the Reception area, which is always a busy place in the morning after drop off and in the afternoon before and after pick up.  Please do make use of this facility.

Lost property

Our Lost Property Box is a large wooden trunk located at the end of the Infant Corridor, just outside the Hall and opposite Class ESMN.  Please encourage your children to take care of their possessions and ensure that they go home with exactly the same items that they came to school in.  Please also ensure that items worn or brought into school are named.

Any unclaimed or unnamed items left in the box at the end of each term will be recycled.

Medical appointments

Routine medical appointments should be arranged outside of school hours wherever possible. Where your child has an appointment other than a routine appointment, please ensure that you provide the office with a copy of the appointment letter in order that the correct absence code can be applied to your child’s attendance record.

Medication while at school

The Local Authority guidance is that medicines can only be administered at school with medical approval. In the case of prescription medicine parents are required to sign the Local Authority form. Click here for a copy. For all other medication a letter from the doctor is required, and should be bought to the school office. For asthma, the issue of inhalers is very important. All medication, including inhalers, is kept in the school office.


All pupils under the age of five are eligible for free school milk. This is arranged automatically by school.

After their fifth birthday and up to age eleven, we can offer fresh milk daily through a scheme set up jointly by the Local Education Authority and School Milk Services Limited. The cost is £1.30 per week for one child to receive a carton of semi-skimmed milk at the morning break. Please see this letter from School Milk Services for a full description and payment details and this letter regarding the development of paper straws for portion size cartons.

Nut and seed life-threatening allergy awareness

We have several children with severe life-threatening nut and sesame seed allergies and a reaction can be triggered by airborne contact.. For safety reasons, we must insist that parents/guardians do not send children to school with peanut butter sandwiches, Nutella, cereal bars containing nuts etc. or indeed anything containing nuts or sesame seeds (i.e. on buns or snack bars.)  Thank you for your co-operation and understanding.

Parent helpers, application and DBS requirements

We always appreciate the help parents can give in the school day. Mrs Sage sends a letter to ask for help in the classroom each year. Please complete the form on the letter if you are able to hear children read, help with computers etc. Any offer of help is welcome. Please make it clear on the form which Key Stage you would prefer to work in. We will then try to arrange this if possible. We really need swimming helpers; the lists are outside each classroom. All swimming helpers and regular support for the school will need to apply for a DBS check through the school office. "Regular" support is defined as being more than once a month.

Parking outside school premises

Whilst the majority of parents and carers are aware of the importance of considerate parking, incidences of inconsiderate parking, putting the safety of our children at risk are frequently brought to the school's attention.  Incidences include parking and waiting on the zig-zags, blocking the school entrance and reversing to turn in the school drive.  Please do not park on the pavements and be aware of your speed on the roads surrounding the school.  PARKING ON THE PAVEMENTS IS ILLEGAL.

The school appreciates that the roads around the school are busy at the beginning and end of school, but the safety of the children, indeed the safety of all, is paramount.

The school encourages walking to school.  If you need to drive, please consider parking a little further away to help ease congestion.  The landlord and landlady at The Crown on Bath Road have very kindly agreed that parents from Saltford Primary can park in their car park.  This is at drop off and pick up times only please.  This would certainly ease the pressure of traffic on Claverton Road and Montague Road.

The school will take details of cars which park illegally and these details will be passed to Keynsham police.

A notice that can be placed on the windscreen of cars parked inconsiderately in the area can be found here and a letter from Avon and Somerset Police can be found here.

Pushchairs and buggies

Parents and carers are requested not to bring pushchairs or buggies into the school as the corridors are very narrow and busy at morning drop-off and afternoon collection times.  Pushchairs and buggies may be left under the canopy outside Reception or under the canopy outside Class RH.


>Please can you ensure that your child brings a healthy snack for playtime. A number of children's snacks do not meet the healthy criteria we are aiming for.

Stickers & stamps – labelling clothes and lunchboxes made easy

The PTA has signed up on cashback schemes with two labelling companies. If you wish to purchase any items from please use the School ID 59657. The PTA will receive 20% on each order so please do use the School ID when ordering.

The other cash back company is This company will provide you with a personalised stamp and ink pad that can be used on clothing and some plastics (see disclaimer). It can easily be stamped onto jumpers and polo tops as well as pencil cases and many more items. Use the code SALTFORD online to earn up to 25% commission for the school. See their Facebook page for reviews of the product.

Sun safety

Staff will not apply sun screen to any child.

Sun screen use will be encouraged on educational visits and for outdoor PE.

If required at school children can bring their own sun screen and apply it themselves.

Children my only use their own sun screen.

Parents are asked to teach their children how to sensibly use and apply these screens and will clearly label them and put them in their child's bag for their own use.

Please see our Sun Protection Policy.

Taking responsibility

Children are encouraged to take responsiblity for the important items they need to bring to school in the morning from EYFS to Year 6. The office does not have the capacity to make telehpone calls home.  Sometimes parents/carers return to school to drop off the forgotten items - these items will remain in the office until break or lunch time when the child can collect - we no longer buzz the classroom to advise that the missing item has been delivered as this disrupts the whole class learning.


Tattoos or any other skin markings on the arm or other parts of the body are not allowed.

Useful tips for new parents and frequently asked questions

In this section you will find lots of useful tips produced in conjunction with the PTA for parents new to the scdool.


Keep Saltford swimming

At Saltford we are lucky to have a swimming pool on site, enabling all our children to swim once a week from April to October. Our pool was built in response to the tragic drowning of a Saltford child at The Shallows more than fifty years ago. Since then countless children from our community have learned to swim here and there is no doubt that this has saved many lives over the years.

Swimming from April 2018

This year, swimming for Years 1 - 6 begins in the week commencing 9th April and EYFS lessons begin the following week. Please see the swimming timetable here.

We rely on the help of parents and related volunteers to enable the swimming lessons to go ahead at the lowest possible cost.

Volunteer helpers

We ask parents to sign up to help with their class on a rota that is posted outside the classroom; parents who do not come in to school can volunteer by phoning the school office.

If you can help additionally on an ad-hoc basis with different classes, we would be most grateful. Please let the school know your availability by filling in this casual swimming helpers form and returning it to the office.

All volunteers are required to complete a number of forms in order that the school can undertake a Disclosure and Barring Service check.  If you help in the classroom we will already have the necessary paperwork.  All swimming helpers should please complete all of the following forms and return them to the office, together with passport or photo driving licence and utility bill or bank statement not more than 3 months old:

Current DBS application form

Staff and volunteer acceptable use policy (AUP)

WMAT disqualification by association statement

UK CRBS applicant consent

WMAT safeguarding guidance for visitors to school

Financing the pool

We try hard to keep this tremendous asset open for the current and for future generations.

The maintenance and running costs of the pool are high and sometimes unpredictable, and with the current educational funding crisis we have had to look seriously at how the costs can be met. In the 2017/18 school year, costs were approximately £7,000 and donations from parents were just under £6,200.

In evaluating all available options, the school researched the possibility of taking our children to a local leisure centre for swimming. This was not judged to be a viable option because it would mean:

  • a significant increase in time spent away from the classroom, losing curriculum time. To take one year group to the local pool where each class (30 pupils) would swim for 30 minutes would take two hours minimum.
  • we would only be able to offer swimming to one year group (60 pupils) per term, rather than to all 420 pupils.
  • we would need significantly more helpers to accompany the children to meet the required ratio for coach trips. For a KS2 year group of 60 children, we would require at least 8 adult helpers, whereas if one KS2 class swims at school we only need 1 adult helper per class.

To cover the overall running costs and future maintenance, the potential for an outside contractor to take over the running of the pool was also considered.

If we are to keep all children at Saltford School swimming we have decided respectfully to ask parents for a voluntary contribution towards the repairs, running costs and lessons. As our EYFS children start swimming later, they will only swim for 13 weeks, so the suggested contribution per child is lower. Please see the letter to parents for details of suggested contributions and how to pay via School Gateway.

However, we would be very grateful for any donation, more or less than the suggested payment, from anyone who feels that they could support this facility.

Buy Wise Be Safe campaign

Please click on this link to read about the Buy Wise Be Safe campaign of 2018 launched by the RNLI, with water safety at the heart of their message.

Sports day

FS/KS1 and KS2 each has their own sports day. Families are encouraged to watch and support, and the PTA is on hand with reasonably-priced refreshments.

Both events take place outside on the field and are weather dependent. In the event of poor weather causing postponement, we make every effort to advise parents as early as possible on the day of the event.

Children should come to school on their sports day with their PE kit (red school PE top if they have one), plenty of water, a sun hat and with sun cream applied. Please see our sun protection policy here.

The office