House system

The House System has made a great impact on Saltford Primary School in the years it has been in place. It has fostered close liaison between all the key stages and the staff, impacted on conduct and behaviour throughout the school, raised effort and achievement and nurtured a real team spirit to work towards a common goal.

Each member of the school, including staff, is allocated a house that they will be in for their life at Saltford. The houses are named after birds – goldfinches, robins, woodpeckers and owls. Siblings are in the same house.

House birds on house banners

House mottos and songs

Each house has its own identity, which is represented by a motto and a song:

House songs

Goldfinches - We are the Champions

Robins - Don’t Stop Believing 

Owls - Eye of the Tiger

Woodpeckers - Roar 

House Mottos

Owl : Whatever you do, you can be you(youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu owl hoot).

Woodpeckers: Alone you can climb a tree, together we can touch the sky.

Robins: Robins respect and always fly high.

Goldfinch: We are Gold and we will shine together!

House events

There are regular house afternoons during the year where the children are encouraged to come together work within their houses.

As well as the academic side of school life, children also represent their houses in Sports Day and other sporting/competitive events throughout the year. 

House leadership

The houses each have a House Captain and Vice House Captain who, along with the lead teacher in that house, run the house meetings and organise their houses when appropriate, ensuring the children within the house are supported effectively. These three roles comprise the House Leadership Team.

Each house elects a House Captain and Vice from the year six pupils. Each campaigning house captain will draw up a manifesto and will be elected during the formal House elections that take place once a year. The House Captains have the following responsibilities:

  • Be a leader for the house
  • Be a good behaviour role model for the whole house and school
  • Represent the house when it comes to prizes and decision making about house afternoons.

The House Captains also monitor the progress of the children within their house.

House leadership team 2023 – 2024


Staff leader: Mr Jenkins
House captains: Emily H and Matthew R
Vice house captains: Savannah C-B and Oscar J


Staff leader: Mr Boyle
House captains: Roya H and Rory F
Vice house captains: Lois A and Oona A


Staff leader: Miss Hansford
House captains: Mya A-J and Edmund S-C
Vice house captains: Aiden H and Sophie V


Staff leader: Mrs White
House captains: Emily P and Zach W
Vice house captains: Cora S and Mikey M